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5 Steps to Daring Greatly and Living Authentically

I was totally shocked when I realized I hadn’t written in my blog since July—yikes! I thought for sure I had written something in August— nope!  So I thought this post would be PERFECT to get me back on track.  … Continue reading

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Five Strategies to Make Your Products Stick

Having worked with lots of entrepreneurs to help them create their information products, I’ve discovered this easy way to increase your stick rate.  If you don’t know what that means, it’s how to have someone who bought your product keep … Continue reading

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The Real “How” to Create Your Own Info Products

One of the things I’ve discovered is that there’s tons and I mean tons of information out there on how to create products and how to market them… Yet, the one thing I saw that was missing was something that … Continue reading

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First Steps You MUST Take to Creating Your Information Products

One of the many services I offer is working with clients to help them create their products and then launch these products for them.  The question I always get over and over and over again is—“How do I know what … Continue reading

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What Do Your Customers Really Desire?

I wanted to continue my blog from last week where I discussed “What Your Customers Want to Buy,” followed up by this week where the focus is on “What Do Your Customers Desire.”  This questions are incredibly similar because a … Continue reading

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What Do Your Customers Want to Buy?

I’ve been asked this question over 1,000 times— what do my customers want to buy? And another questions I get is– how can I figure out what product or service to create so that they will buy it from me?  … Continue reading

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Discovering How to Add Some Disney “Mouse” Magic Into Your Business

Here are my two favorite quotes from Walt Disney: “Think beyond your lifetime. If you want to do something truly great. Make a fifty year master plan. A fifty year master plan will change your look at the opportunities in … Continue reading

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What’s Holding You Back From the Success You Deserve?

This question I’ve been asked countless of times from coach’s, mentors, therapists, and many an event speaker. In fact, I just got back from listening to Larry Winget speak at the Glazer Kennedy Super Conference in Dallas and his approach … Continue reading

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The Anatomy of Creating a Survey

Over the last couple of weeks, we have gone over steps how to know what your clients/customers want through creating surveys and writing out our questions.  Today, I want to put all that information together and show you the anatomy … Continue reading

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How to Ask Questions in the Right Order

You know the whole chicken egg theory, what came first.  Well when you’re creating your questions for a survey, this can also be true.  Experts argue whether you should ask demographic information up front, at the end, or not at … Continue reading

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