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The Productivity Secret That Will Change Your Life

One of the things I’m constantly struggling with: my plate is incredibly full. I just have way TOO many things on that proverbial plate and it’s constantly weighing me down. I’m a Marketing Implementer, I help people get things done, … Continue reading

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Here’s How to Get a HUGE Jump on Creating an Amazing Year in Your Business…

At any time of the year, it’s important for one to stop and take a look and access your year: where you are or aren’t in your business? Do you like what you see? What issues are raising your anxiety level? How is your … Continue reading

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How to Take Bigger Risks This Year

Something fascinating happened to me a few years ago that was worth repeating. I had this experience that totally changed my perspective on how I would think and do things in my business and my personal life. Here’s what happened— … Continue reading

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Never Ever Cold Call Again to Get New Clients!

Something I learned over 6 years ago from “the Millionaire Maker” Dan Kennedy is that in order for you not to do cold calls, and to not be stressing out where your money will come from each month— you need … Continue reading

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The Secret Mysteries of Entrepreneurship

This journey of entrepreneurship has been a fascinating 9 years.  One with many amazing rides, bumps in the road, flies on the windshield, savory and also loving adventuress moments.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything… What I have discovered from … Continue reading

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The Simplest Secret to Getting More Clients/Customers (AKA More conversions :-)

Being in marketing for what feels like a lifetime, the ONE things all my clients struggle with is how do they get more new clients/customers? And– how do they get  more people to convert on their websites and get into … Continue reading

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Five Strategies to Make Your Products Stick

Having worked with lots of entrepreneurs to help them create their information products, I’ve discovered this easy way to increase your stick rate.  If you don’t know what that means, it’s how to have someone who bought your product keep … Continue reading

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The Real “How” to Create Your Own Info Products

One of the things I’ve discovered is that there’s tons and I mean tons of information out there on how to create products and how to market them… Yet, the one thing I saw that was missing was something that … Continue reading

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What Do Your Customers Really Desire?

I wanted to continue my blog from last week where I discussed “What Your Customers Want to Buy,” followed up by this week where the focus is on “What Do Your Customers Desire.”  This questions are incredibly similar because a … Continue reading

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Discovering How to Add Some Disney “Mouse” Magic Into Your Business

Here are my two favorite quotes from Walt Disney: “Think beyond your lifetime. If you want to do something truly great. Make a fifty year master plan. A fifty year master plan will change your look at the opportunities in … Continue reading

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