3 Proven Strategies to Implement and Get More Done Each Day

My rear end was glued to the TV screen last night watching one by one as those miners in Chile were being pulled out from under all that rock and rubble… It was such an amazing feat of team work, brains, ingenuity and global communication.

So I got to thinking: Well, if they can do this, what’s stopping me from accomplishing all I want to do? And I’m not even trapped in a mine.

I looked back at my long “to do” list of a few things I had planned to do in March and that were supposed to be completed by now and aren’t… All I can say is a big “YIKES!”  The good news is that I have a huge list of what I wanted to accomplish.  So I know I’ve been cranking out a lot of stuff, and I’m thinking maybe my lists are just too ambitious – and too big!  I mean, I am a Marketing Implementer after all, helping entrepreneurs and business owners complete their projects and getting stuff done for them.

So I thought it might be helpful to list 3 proven strategies that I’ve used over the past 20 years that have allowed me to accomplish more each week, each month, etc.  The real truth for me is that the more I accomplish the more success I see and the more I can do to help others succeed.

Here are my 3 Proven Strategies to implement and get more done each day:

  1. Have a routine – This is really big. Having a routine each day is THE one thing that has helped me do more and be more in my life.  I start my day the same way and I have to say it’s had a big impact on my own productivity.  I’ve found a morning routine that has worked for me and a lot of what it’s about is really being able to take care of myself.  Plus being able to know how long I can go without a break. I can work up to 90 minutes on something, but then I need a good 30 minute break. Other people find they work better with a timer and work in 30 minute increments with 15 minute breaks. You have to find out what works best for you.  The real key is, the more I take care of myself, the more I can get accomplished in my business, which leads me to my second strategy.  One of the best programs that my friend and colleague Jeff Walker told me to buy was Eben Pagan’s Wake-Up Productive. I don’t think it’s on the market anymore, but sometimes he puts it back on the market for a little bit in January. It’s a great way to start your year!
  2. Self-care– Taking good care of you is incredibly important.  If you’re tired, hungry, over worked or burnt out you’re not going to be good to anyone.  So your routine and taking care of yourself is really important.  Some good examples are getting enough sleep, getting enough good nutritious food, get enough exercise, having fun, doing things that you love or that bring you joy, taking enough breaks and on an on. Focus on things that give you energy and re-energize you in your work and your life.  If you work too much you will burn out and be no good to anyone. Always take good care of you.
  3. Money-making activities & actions – When planning out my day, the best thing I do is plan it out the night before.  This way I can ensure I will get everything on my list accomplished.  This planning ahead works like a charm, plus it keeps me really focused and laser sharp on what I need to do.  By seeing all my activities and things I need to do I can narrow down THE things that will truly help propel my business forward and in turn be “money-making activities” for me. This is one lesson I learned from Dan Kennedy 4 years ago: constantly be aware of what you’re doing, every minute of the day. Make it a point to stop while doing something and ask yourself, “Is this going to make me money and help propel my business forward?” Another good question to ask is, “Will this activity be better served by having someone else do it for me?” This, of course, I can write a book about – focusing on the activities that are your strengths, not trying to build up your weaknesses.  ALWAYS outsource your weaknesses and keep building on your strengths. I think I got that from Brian Tracy.

Well, that’s exactly how I get more done each day and each week, hence why I’m the Marketing Implementer. It’s a really simple little system that when you practice it everyday and really work at it, I promise, you will get more done and accomplish more each day.

How 2 Days of personal strategic planning will set the stage for 2009

When was the last time you spent two whole days on your personal strategic plan for your life and your business?  Well I can tell you, I just came from doing that, in none other than Martha’s Vineyard.  Wow, what a workshop- I attended a Group Vision Day on MV and it was truly amazing.

This time the drive going to Martha’s Vineyard, seemed to go quicker than the last.  I made it to Wood’s Hole in 4 hours, so early, I had 2 hours to kill before the ferry.  So I waited in the stand by line and got on the earlier ferry- the freighter ferry- now that was cool- not a very big boat, small in fact, and flat, you can see the ocean almost 360 degrees.  It was really cool being so close to the water and the waves coming up and splashing over the sides- got a little damp.  It was truly refreshing though and of course I got some pictures to savor the moment.

Now I did a bunch of work before I got there, which of course made everything I did in the workshop so much more worthwhile.  I spent two days with 17 other people- all perfecting our personal goals, career goals and life plans.  I left with a wonderful road map of where I’ve been, where I am now and where I want to be.  It was incredibly inspirational to me.  One of the many best things about it was this Group Vision Day was run by my two most favorite people in the world- Rob Berkley and Debbie Phillips.  Not only did they bring some stellar people together to work hard, we also played hard, had some wonderful food, laughed a lot and totally enjoyed each others company.

Rob and Debbie also do individual Vision Day’s. I’d highly recommend this if you want to get your life, and/or your business on track and in order.  I’ve done 3 Vision Days and this one was my 4th. My incredibly successful business would not have been possible without me taking this really important time to put my plan together.

One of the exercises I loved doing and still do today is write down the 10 things I’m most grateful for every night before I go to sleep.   It’s a wonderful feeling writing them down and just makes drifting off to sleep so much more fun with a huge smile upon my face!  Take out a pen and some paper and start now, don’t delay, this is a wonderful exercise that will surely help you live a happier more fulfilled life. [digg=http://digg.com/educational/How_2_Days_of_personal_strategic_planning_will_set_the_stage]

Daring Escape from Corporate America

I don’t know about you, but I feel like 2 years ago I made a very daring escape from Corporate America. I’d be entrenched and chained to a desk since I was 22 and that’s a long time. I had always thought that I’d be like my Dad and work at the same place forever until I retired. Yet, that was not my story and that was not meant to be for me.

My career path took some long and winding and winded turns along the way. I started out in sales and then got into marketing. My tale is long and blogs are for short stories… So suffice to say- after being laid off 3 times in 6 years, I stopped banging my head against the corporate wall. I stopped for a moment to realize that maybe that wasn’t my path any longer. Thank goodness I had and still have 2 wonderful Executive Coaches in my life (Rob Berkley & Debbie Phillips www.visionday.com) who totally supported me and helped me create my wonderful marketing, coaching and consulting business that I have today. (Photo: Debbie Phillips, Me, and Rob Berkley)

I’m writing this now for a couple of reasons-

  1. I was just highlighted in a colleagues blog which I wrote about here back in April- Pamela Skillings interviewed me and I talked at length about my experiences of daring escape. If you want to see more about my quest- check out her Escape From Corporate America blog
  2. I wrote a chapter in the most incredible book authored by Debbie Phillips that will be out later this fall Called Women On Fire 20 Inspiring Women Share Their Life Secrets (and Save You Years of Struggle!) It’s all about my very intense, gut wrenching experience and struggles in corporate America and my interesting journey. I promise I will tell you more about this in the coming months.

(Photo- Pamela Skillings and yours truly)

The takeaway from today is not the outcome- that I’m now in a 2 year old incredibly successful business that I created (albeit that sure is nice!). It’s the incredible journey I had to take to get right here. There are tons of people in my support team and my success team (which I’d recommend you get some of these folks!) who were pivotal to get me here. So why not take a moment right now and write a short gratitude list thanking all those folks who supported and helped you get you where you are today. I’ve already started mine! [digg=http://digg.com/business_finance/Daring_Escape_from_Corporate_America]

Lost in Vacationland and Other Adventures…

Wow, I had hoped to communicate while I was on vacation, but it just wasn’t mean to be…. not sure what happened- maybe it was all the people that came to visit. Or maybe it was that I just needed to unplug, revamp and revitalize myself… Have you every had those moments, where you just need to take some time and unplug? I have to say it was really nice not being tethered to a computer and email and to enjoy my time off and all the company that came to visit.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to take more than 2 weeks off. In fact, the last time I was able to do that was back in 2000 when I was laid off and was out of work for 3 months. It was incredibly stressful, but I was still able to travel and visit family and shake things up. When I hear people going through major transitions like being laid off or going through a relationship break-up- one of my favorite survival tips is to go on a vacation- get out of your house and your environment and by doing so, it will shift how you see everything.

We spent over 16 days in our summer family home in Maine on Sebago Lake. We usually only stay there for 7 days, but because we were there for much longer, we were really able to settle in, and hang out. It was one of our best vacations ever because the weather was incredible and we had some old and new friends come and stay with us. We got our boat in the water, and had some picnics, hung out on the beach, ate lots of lobster and ice cream, not necessarily in that order… (Photo Above- That’s our house- I took the photo from our boat.)

The most fun thing we did was being able to take the boat out almost every day and enjoy the water. When we’ve been there in the past, the lake is usually too cold to get in it. This time since we were there for so long, the lake really warmed up and we swam a lot more than we’ve ever had. (Photo- That’s me driving the boat- pretty serious business ensuring everyone’s fun and safety!)

Also it was so much fun to have Lily (who turned 1 yr while we were there) come with us for the first time. Being in the car for 6 1/2 hours was a first for her. Taking her for a long walk before we left and stopping twice really helped out a lot. Thank goodness she got her sea legs and settled right in on her pillow next to Harrison, (my son) who was watching movies the whole way.

We found out that Lily who’s 49% Golden Retriever, didn’t get the water gene. She did not like being in the water at all. She did love running around and the daily hikes through the woods we took every day. The smells and interesting animals were very entertaining for her and I! (Photo- That’s Lily by the water- not ever wanting to get in it!)

So I hope you’re able to get a great, relaxing vacation in this summer. You really do deserve it- we all do! There’s nothing like taking time off to refresh, revamp and revitalize you and your family and your work/business. Hope you’re having a fantastic summer! (Photo- Harrison watching his movie while Lily sleeps during the ride to Maine.)


Know When To Hold em, When to Fold em…

Remember this line from Kenny Rogers song The Gambler- “Know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away and know when to run…” Well with this continuous talk of gloom and doom in the economy (I don’t watch the news anymore. Yet it seems people I talk to keep bringing up “the recession.”), this song came to mind which we could gleam some interesting things…

For one, Hillary and Obama are all over the news this week. He finally declares victory and she’s chiding away from publicly announcing he’s got the nomination. Talk about “know when to fold em…” This whole thing to me seemed to drag out forever. Thank goodness it’s coming to a conclusion. Not one to dwell on politics here, but I really liked Hillary and thought having someone with her experience in the White House might be good for our country. So it will be interesting how this will all unravel.

In fact, last night I was at this really fun event- it was a book launch party for Pamela Skillings, who just published her new book called Escape from Corporate America. I met her through a networking group over a year ago. She interviewed me and I have a mention in the book. It’s a wonderful book that will help many people during this interesting economical time. (Photo- Author, Pamela Skillings and yours truly- Shannon M.) This is where Kenny Rogers song really hits home to all the people in Corporate America who feel stuck, exhausted, not sure what to do next- they have to know when to hold em, fold em or walk away. Pamela’s book will really come in handy if you find yourself in this catch-22- need to make money, yet not liking what you do, or maybe you have a friend or family member who’s in that position. I’d totally recommend picking up a copy of this book and giving it to them. If you want to know more, you can also go to her blog- http://blog.escapefromcorporate.com/

It was a really cool and fun party in New York City. The mojitos and much rum was flowing. I was hesitant about going by myself because I wouldn’t know really anyone there. Yet, I decided to keep up with my trend of being bold and daring. So off I went on the train to New York and I ended up meeting some great like-minded people. I was introduced to Marie Forleo, a fellow info marketer who has this much talked about product called Productivity Secrets for Creative Entrepreneurs. She brought a friend of hers- Kendra Todd, who if you’ve ever watched Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, she was the 3rd Apprentice to be “hired” to work for him. It was a fascinating conversation. We had a lot in common and knew many of the same people in the information marketing world. It was a really great night to step outside of my home office for once and hang out with other fun entrepreneurs. (Photo- Marie Forleo, Kendra Todd and your’s truly, Shannon M.) I also met Margot Tohn, who is THE woman behind the Park It Guides for New York City. So if ever you’re in the city and need a place to park- her guides are IT – so check them out- http://www.parkitguides.com/

So I would encourage you if ever in doubt about going to an event alone, take the chance, be daring, step out of your comfort zone. I promise you won’t regret who you’ll meet and what might be in store for you in your business and in your life. Go take that chance and be bold! [digg=http://digg.com/people/Hillary_Know_when_to_hold_em_know_when_to_fold_them]

If money wasn’t an issue… what would you do for fun?

When I was going through a difficult time in 2004, after just being laid off yet again… I met the most wonderful person that really helped me during that difficult time. Her name is Tama J. Kieves and she wrote this fantastic book called- This Time I Dance! Creating The Work You Love (which was just published in a new edition.) A friend I met at an unemployment seminar mentioned Tama to me and asked if I wanted to tag along to a seminar she was giving.

It was the best thing I could have done at that time for myself. Tama is such a dynamic speaker and her story is so inspirational of how she was a Harvard Lawyer and left her corporate job to discover her creative self and develop the livelihood that stirred her soul and paid the bills. I remember sitting in my chair and taking lots of notes and really paying attention to writing down the answers to her fabulous questions like- “if money wasn’t an issue- write down all the things I’d do for fun and that inspire me.” I’ve done this exercise a few more times since then and it’s a wonderful thing to do. If you haven’t tried this yet, I’d encourage you to do it. It’s a bit different from the question- “if you had all the money in the world what would you do with it?” Her question got to a deeper meaning within because I was able to write about what brings me joy and fun and entertainment and the list for me was long! And through that I was really able to focus on what my gifts are and I what my ultimate passion was that would fuel me in my new found career outside of corporate America.

Here’s a photo of Tama and I from last month when I attended her seminar in Montclair, New Jersey.

I realized I have many, many interests and passions. So my work was trying to simply narrow them down so I could get started and do something! Hence I ended up starting my Marketing Implementer business and in turn have helped many new and current business owners and entrepreneurs not only turn their businesses around, but see how they can use their passion in their business and also focus on areas they can reinvent themselves and create more income. Then of course I’m also going down some other paths, with contributing to a book that will be published in June and writing a chapter in another book that will be coming out in the fall. And I’m also focusing more efforts on my photography business and on my coaching women in transition business. I told you I had a lot of passions!

I hope you can gleam from these musings a little inspiration to pay attention and focus on what you love to do. It’s not too late to take your hobby and transition it into a business. “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” This is another one of my favorite quotes. Take a pen out now or open up a word document and start typing the answer. If I can do it- I know you can too! Let me know what’s working for you or if you need any help- I’m here!

P.S. It’s been 23 days since my operation and I just got the ok to wear this really stylish (not!) orthopedic sandal now. So no more boot, and in another week I can wear shoes again- yeah! I feel back to myself now and promise to get back to my weekly posts. [digg=http://digg.com/business_finance/If_money_wasn_t_an_issueh_what_would_you_do_for_fun]

7 Fascinating Discoveries on the Road to Recovery

As I’m laid up these past two weeks, can’t walk or drive, and trying to keep up with my frantic pace of my business I’ve noticed some fascinating discoveries:

1) I’m truly amazed at the human body and how fast it heals after the operation on my foot. (Photo- Here’s my view for the past 2 weeks of my feet 🙂 )

2) Love my clients, my family, success team and support system- they have been there for me and wonderful while I’m trying to heal. (You know who you are- please accept my eternal gratitude for being in my life.)

3) Shocked at how rude and ridiculous some people can be towards someone on crutches and not let that get in the way of my recovery.

4) With lots of time off my feel, I’m thrilled with all of the great new creative ideas that I’ve come up with that will be fruitful for me and for my clients.

5) Exhausted at all the information I’m getting by phone, mail, email and fax! (it’s been fun hobbling to the phone, fax and mailbox!)

6) Happy that I have such a wonderful, loyal, loving puppy-Lily- who’s been at my side every step of my recovery and will not leave me no matter how hard I try to get her to go with the dog walker. (Photo- Lily- very happy I’m laid up because it gives her an excuse to sleep more while she hangs out with me.)

7) Humbled by working with some incredibly talented people who are teaching me just as much as I am teaching them

There’s a ton more things I’ve noticed while I’ve been laid up, but this was my short list. I’d encourage you to take notice and be present throughout your day and start noticing the little things that add up and make your life incredibly fulfilling.

Instead of being mad, or upset and act like a victim because I had to have this operation and be laid up and not drive for 3 weeks, I looked at it as a new, wonderful discovery period for me. I took and am still taking each day as an adventure and try to simply stay present and focus on my healing and my work. I think when we face these obstacles like a foot injury, a divorce, losing your job, or an accident- if we can ask the question of ourselves- “what am I supposed to learn or discover from this experience?” – we will be in a much better place mentally and even physically. Each obstacle is simply another lesson that we need to learn in life. (Some of this was as a result from finishing reading Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now. I’d highly recommend it.)
We need to use these lessons as stepping stones to grow and to help others. So the next time something happens to you that makes you unhappy, frustrated, angry or sad- try to ask the question and look deeper at the situation as to what you can learn and take away from it and maybe you can even help others. [digg=http://digg.com/health/Fascinating_Discoveries_on_the_road_to_recovery]

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone- Taking Risks…

Most of my life I think I played it pretty safe. Yet, when I look back, there were times when I threw caution to the wind, went for a job as Director of International Marketing that I thought was out of my reach and ended up getting it and literally saw the world. Then again, I also was laid off several times in a 6 year period and totally took a leap of faith and started my own business. ( I just finished writing about this experience. I have a chapter in an upcoming book that will be out this summer- more to come!) But to me, these things don’t seem like that big of a risk because I had support. I had a wonderful success team to help me. I had plenty of referrals from colleagues, friends and family to fuel my marketing business and now I’m off to the races…

The real key I find in business is that you really have to take risks to be more successful and you often times have to step out of that comfort zone. The more I’ve done that, that’s when I’ve reaped wonderful successes.

I wanted to spotlight someone I met a few months ago who’s recently inspired me to rethink my comfort zone and maybe even taking a few more risks. Her name is Gina Otto.

[ A quick sidebar- That’s me and Gina in the photo, taken at these wonderful Women On Fire Tea Parties in New York City that are created by my incredible Executive Coach, Debbie Phillips. In fact, she’s holding her first Tea party in Los Angeles and she’s almost sold out- interested- check out Debbie’s website- http://www.woflosangeles.com ]

If you don’t know Gina, you will indeed in the coming months. She wrote this inspiring book for girls called Cassandra’s Angel. “It’s an amazing book that will move and delight children from four to ninety-four. Its heart-melting story and its timely and empowering message will enable children and parents alike to recognize, own, and nurture the special creative gifts each person has brought to share with the world.” Gina worked in film production, advertising, and the fashion industry for fifteen years. She then began speaking to groups of teenage girls about the importance of self-perception and how it is affected by popular culture and this book was born. She’s someone who I so admire because she had the guts to take a risk to leave a high paying industry to go after her dream. Since her book she’s written a musical which expands the realm of the book and puts her wonderful words into memorable songs.

I had the pleasure of being invited last night to the first reading of the musical. I’ve never attended one of these before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was amazing to watch the actors sit around the table with their scripts, a piano, director and musical director and how they brought it to life. It was so incredibly moving and awe-inspiring.  Seeing Gina’s dream come to life.

Gina is the epitome of someone who had the courage, gumption and support to take a huge risk and go after her dream of seeing her inspiring booked turned into a musical. So I hope what you can take away from here today is that it’s never too late to step out of your comfort zone, take that risk, jump off that proverbial cliff and just hang on because I bet you it will be the best most incredible ride you’ve ever had! [digg=http://digg.com/business_finance/What_are_you_waiting_for_Step_out_of_your_comfort_zone_now]

You are who you hang out with…

Have you ever heard this statement before? “You are a product of who you spend the most time with.” I’ve heard this a number of times in the past two years since I started my own business. In fact my friend and Master Coach, Rob Berkley just wrote about this and tells me and our Mastermind group this all the time. I think I finally get it now…

Me and Kristi Frank at the GKIC Superconference in NashvilleI just came from a very inspiring and idea filled event- Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle Marketing SuperConference in Nashville. It was amazing to me how being surrounded by immensely successful people really elevated my thinking and opened my eyes to a much bigger way of thinking and doing things. Instead of figuring out how to grow my business incrementally, I left with some much larger ideas on how I can grow my business fast in a much shorter time frame. This is what happens when you hang out with incredibly successful people more often. That’s me in the photo with Kristi Frank, she was one of the original members of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice.

I have to admit, it did take me a while to get this. I really had to take a hard look at myself and who I was spending time with on a regular basis. I really needed to get rid of those people that, to put it bluntly, sucked the life right out of me. I realized if I wanted to move forward in my work and my life I needed to try to upgrade my friends and colleagues. It takes immense courage to be able to look at who you’re spending time with and ask the question- are these the people who are going to lift me up in work and life or are they going to bring me down? If you want to become really successful, the best thing you can do is hang around with hugely successful people.

The next courageous step is to move towards letting go of those folks who are bringing you down. Take a look at who you’re spending the majority of your time with and seriously look at upgrading your colleagues and friends. Take it from me, you deserve to be incredibly successful and happy. Why not have people in your life who are supportive and want to help you get there.

When you do this exercise, you are basically focusing on your soft skills. You know, how self-aware are you to “see” who those people are that you need to let go of. Are you willing to take that risk?

One thing I did was join a Mastermind group that meets every other month. Hanging out with these successful business owners has improved my business tremendously. In addition I also travel to two – three conferences a year where I get to hang out with entrepreneurs, like Kristi Frank, who are making thousands and millions of dollars. As I said earlier, you are who you hang out with, so why wouldn’t you want to hang out with people who are hugely successful. Don’t wait, upgrade your colleagues and friends now. Join a networking group, a mastermind group, go to a conference that attracts people you want to hang out with that can help you be successful- you deserve it! [digg=http://digg.com/business_finance/You_are_a_product_of_Who_you_hang_out_with]

What do you do when you have a roadblock in your life or in your business?

This past week I was driving to Boston for my Mastermind meeting. I was running a little behind schedule. I really don’t like taking the George Washington Bridge and going through New York because of traffic. However, my traffic radio station said it was the quickest route.

GW BridgeAs I was just passing the toll booth going onto the upper level of the bridge, I saw this rather large pothole and swerved to avoid it. Unfortunately my tired nipped it and then – “boom.” My tire blew out, just as I was getting on the bridge-yikes. I tried not to panic. In fact I was on my wireless headset speaking with a colleague when it happened. I quickly got off the phone, took control of the car, took lots of deep breathes, and severely slowed down and contemplated my options. What would you have done if you were in this situation?

holosyncBefore I started doing some personal work on myself like usingeckhart-tolle.gif Holosync (Centerpointe Institute) to meditate and reading Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, I’m sure I would have panicked and been pretty freaked out about the whole experience. (Did I mention how I really loathe the GW Bridge and driving through New York?)

Thank goodness I knew I had to keep driving and that I couldn’t stop on the bridge. If I did, I’m sure I would not be here writing to tell my tale. What was more important, my BMW 330xi or my life? Well, certainly I chose my life.

flat tireI finally saw this emergency place and quickly pulled my car over. I cautiously got out to inspect the tire- yikes, as the trucks and cars whizzed by. I called AAA and they were stupendous. They had someone out to get me within 20 minutes. I was a bit anxious because where I was pulled over was not the safest place. The AAA rep told me that I was safer in my car than outside of it and she was right. Instead of thinking about all the atrocities that might come, I practiced my new skills of being in the moment, not worrying or panicking about the next one. I called my loved ones and dear colleagues to explain my mishap and tell them I was ok. The nicest thing was the AAA rep called me back and stayed on the phone with me until the truck got there. I

Tow truckWhen the tow truck came he said he couldn’t change my tire here. He said the last person who changed a tire here lost his legs. I was so incredibly thankful that he told me this story after me and my care were safely in his big tow truck. He was kind and very helpful. He dropped me at a tire center close to the highway. As I was shaking his hand and saying thank you I asked his name. He said his name was “Angel.” I said that was wonderfully ironic because he certainly was my angel that day.

Then at the tire center, the person who fixed my tire was named Gabriel. I knew for certain right then, that this whole experience had happened for a reason. That’s when Gabriel told me not only was my tired flat, but my rim was cracked. And the bad news was that I wasn’t going to make it to my Mastermind meeting in Boston which I was really sad about. Yet, I knew there was a reason for this mishap. My sign was that I needed to slow down and use this extra time to take care of myself and use it wisely, so I turned around and went home.

Has anything like this every happened to you in your business? Have you ever hit a roadblock that prevents you from where you want to go or simply takes you off course? How did you recover, or did you? Did you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do something differently? This is what I would want for you. Don’t ever give up. Surround yourself with a success team and/or a support system and rely on them to help you get through the difficult times. We all can persevere, we just need to keep moving, find a different path, look at things differently and don’t ever give up.