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It’s All About the Questions

There is a quote by Albert Einstein that says “If you can’t explain it simply, then you don’t understand it well enough.” This quote says it all when it comes to the topic of this week’s blog. It’s ALL About … Continue reading

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What in the world IS a product launch anyway…

Well, I’m writing this from 36k feet in the sky, heading to Arizona to attend Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula event and we also have our Product Launch Manager Platinum Coaching Group meeting.  The interesting thing when I fly is … Continue reading

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Product Launch Disasters, Delayed Planes & Flat Tires

What do you think these three things have in common?  Well besides the obvious, that we wouldn’t want any of these to happen to us, or wish them upon anyone else… The commonality in these three things, is each of … Continue reading

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Missed Product Launch Opportunities or Creating Money-Making Products….

Hmm, as I sit here in my comfortable laid back office, enjoying this amazing spring type weather in June in Jersey, the dog is sleeping at my feet, and I’m having twinges of second thoughts for having to cancel my … Continue reading

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