How to Quickly and easily read the minds of your prospects

I used to think it’d be really cool if I had this magical power to read people’s minds. I mean how cool would that be, right?  It certainly would take a lot of guess work out of what I do with my clients!  In fact, one of the main questions I ask my clients is to tell me what keeps their prospects awake at night and what are their prospect’s biggest fears and frustrations. Nine times out of ten they can’t answer this question, which is not out of the ordinary.  One of the biggest things I work on with my clients is honing in on “Who” their ideal client really is, what are their frustrations, fears, and worries. Once we know what makes them tick, it’s so much easier to sell to them.

So that’s why I wanted to share this idea and show you how to quickly and easily read the minds of your prospects. You don’t need any magical powers or 6th sense to read your prospects’ minds and find out what makes them tick.  Nope, all you need are a couple of tested and proven questions that you simply ask them – and they will TELL you.  It’s really just that easy…

Here are some terrific questions to ask them:

  1. If you had a magic wand and were able to wave it over your business to change anything, with no effort or cost involved, what are the 3 problems it would magically fix?
  2. What’s your biggest challenge with ———-? [Fill in the blank. Examples – buying stocks, buying insurance, losing weight, making money, finding a job, etc.]
  3. What are the problems that your biggest challenge is causing you right now? Please explain.
  4. What are your biggest frustrations or worries when it comes to ———- ? [Fill in the blank.  Examples – making money, having a successful business, buying car insurance, paying your taxes, etc.]

Send your clients or prospects an email with one or two questions and get them to reply, it’s really that simple.  You can entice them by promising a free gift when they answer, something that they can easily download like an ebook, mp3 or maybe a flow chart, and something of value.  And if you want to go a step further, you could use an online survey tool like www.surveymonkey, or to put your questions on and send out an email with the link.

Getting at the heart of what makes your prospects and clients tick has never been so easy.  I ought to know.  It was 16 years ago that I was a Market Research Analyst, working for a big Fortune 500 company.  That was BEFORE the internet, and we did all of our surveys by snail mail.  We actually got a pretty decent response rate. For more important surveys we offered $10 gift certificates and that boosted our response.  We had a huge operation and data entry people and used big sophisticated stats programs like SPSS to crunch the data.  I discovered a lot in my 3 years in market research and creating surveys.  And I am thrilled how the internet has made it incredibly easy to ask questions and get at the pulse of your prospects and clients.

So don’t assume you know your prospects.  Why not find out for from them by sending  a quick survey? I promise you’ll be totally surprised by some of your responses and it will help boost your business in the process.

If you want to discover more about surveys, check out and I just might have a nifty product that I’ll tell you about in a few weeks, stay tuned…


Missed Product Launch Opportunities or Creating Money-Making Products….

Hmm, as I sit here in my comfortable laid back office, enjoying this amazing spring type weather in June in Jersey, the dog is sleeping at my feet, and I’m having twinges of second thoughts for having to cancel my trip this week to Jeff Walker’s Platinum Product Launch Mastermind Group.

I know, I know, I made my decision and it’s all said and done, but it doesn’t stop those thoughts, you know the ones that just pop in your head to mess you up. Those thoughts driven by the ego to stop you in your tracks… Thank goodness I can recognize them right away now and not pay them any attention.  Yet, can you?  It’s not an easy thing to do… (But meditation SO helps.)

I was supposed to be in Durango, Colorado this week at Jeff Walker’s Platinum Product Launch Mastermind meeting. The funny thing is I applied for his mastermind JUST so I could go to this meeting.  The reason is I know how I’ve been able to transform my business with a mastermind meeting. (I’m going on my second year in Yanik Silver’s Mastermind meeting and it’s been incredible.)

So what happened?

I had my ticket, my hotel and was about ready to hunker down, do laundry and pack, when my significant other of 9 years says we need to find someone to watch our 12 year old son and rescue dog because the new job (Supervising Producer of the new Nate Berkus Show, Oprah’s Interior Designer, filmed here in NYC) just sprung a last minute trip to Chicago this week.   Well as much as I could scramble, I couldn’t find someone to care for our son while we both were away on such short notice.  So I decided to give up my trip. It wasn’t an easy decision, but that’s what awesome Executive Coaches like Rob Berkley are for.  In fact, I’ve NEVER in my many years of travel EVER had to cancel a trip or an airfare, I was just lucky like that until now.

In many ways it WAS a missed opportunity, not being able to share ideas, information and the latest in Product Launches, and of course networking with colleagues.  AND, to hear about Jeff Walker’s new Product Launch Formula 3.0 that he’s launching today(June 10)…  (I have all of his Product Launch Formula products and they’re excellent and how I built my product launch business, based on his strategies and tactics.)  However, in many other ways it was incredibly productive and opportunistic to make the decision to stay home and to work on my own product. When life gives you lemons, lemonade is ALWAYS an option! (The photo is me and Jeff at his PLM training last summer where I helped put together the workshop.)

I haven’t had this much time to myself since December’s Christmas break, how scary is that!  As many of you know who get my printed monthly newsletter, I’ve been a road warrior since January.  So I calculated how many hours I’d freed up by not going, it was 24 hrs!  (That figure came from assuming I had 6 productive hours in the 4 days I was supposed to be away.)  Then I made an awesome plan and used my time incredibly well.

In fact, you’ll be hearing more about in the coming weeks. I’m ALMOST finished with my new Creating Amazing Surveys, The Done For You Survey product.  If you want to get on my list sign up here.  I’m aiming on launching it sometime in July. I don’t want to spill all the beans on it. The core is it breaks down step by step how to do surveys in your business, simply and easily, and of course lots of proven examples and how essential it is to actually DO survey’s in your business. I digress…. More later, promise…

The honest and incredibly revealing fact I want to share with you is —  I’ve been helping hundreds of entrepreneurs and internet/info marketers (the likes of Jeff Walker, Yanik Silver, Ted Thomas and Mike Koenigs) for four years to create and launch their products.  And creation of my own products has always been put on the back burner, until now.  So I’m incredibly proud of myself for being ok with this decision to stay home and focus on me and my product, AND to actually DO SOMETHING about it, you know following through with it, not just goofing off with ALL this time… 🙂

So what are you putting off?  What’s got your calendar all filled up that if you canceled could open up a whole new world of opportunity for you?  Don’t be like me from the past four years,  learn from my experiences… take the time now and put a plan together, make time for that next project, product or thing in your life that will truly make you smile and add some well deserved money into your business