Too many overwhelming Marketing Ideas and Too Little Time…

Welcome to my first blog post! You might be one of those entrepreneurs, information marketers or business owners who has way too many marketing ideas and just never enough time in the day to implement or take action on them. Or maybe you have the opposite problem. You’re able to implement your ideas, but they’re not working to bring you the new clients that you’re seeking.

These are both stressful and frustrating places to be in, especially when all you really want is for your business to be successful, to make some real money so you can have the financial freedom you deserve.

I’m with you on all fronts. I started my direct response marketing consulting and coaching company a year and a half ago. When I first got it off the ground, all I can say is whoa…. was I in for a roller coaster ride. The key for me was being a voracious learner and reading, talking, and meeting everyone I could to get my business moving. I also got a wonderful boost from my Executive Coach, Rob Berkley. He introduced me to Dan Kennedy-style marketing, and after I signed up for Dan’s newsletter, I was off to the races. In a year, I increased my client base by 90% and couldn’t take on any more clients. All because I used the principles of direct response marketing to grow my business.

My business is focused on working with entrepreneurs, information marketers, and business owners. A big hole I find is you have all the ideas and, in fact, an overwhelming mountain of them. You also know what to do. You just don’t know how to get started, or you don’t have the time to actually “do it.” That’s where I come in. We can do an assessment of all your marketing ideas that you want to implement. We can work together and figure out which ones will make the most immediate impact on your bottom line. Then we can simply get started right away, and I will implement these ideas for you.

But enough about my business- you can find out more by going to my website.

I wanted to dedicate my first blog to helping you take that first step of taking your idea and implementing it. Keys to remember are as follows: You need to pick one (or several!) Maybe it’s the idea that is the easiest and least stressful for you to do right now, or maybe it’s the one that will bring you the most money right now. Whatever it is, pick one, and start doing some research, write down the steps you need to take and make some time for you to do these steps each day until it’s done. It’s all a process; once you get it down, you can do it. Don’t let the time vampires or those negative thoughts get in your way- just get off your tail, plan your steps, and take one- RIGHT NOW!

Let me know how you did. I want to know. I want to help you as best I can. I know just writing about this is helping me take more action on my own ideas. Like this blog, for example, it has been on my list FOREVER. All I can say is YEAH, I finally did it, and it feels good. So get some courage, shut out the world, hole yourself up in your office, and take some action NOW!

Here’s to Your Incredible Success!

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