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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone- Taking Risks…

For most of my life, I think I played it pretty safe. Yet, when I look back, there were times when I threw caution to the wind, went for a job as Director of International Marketing that I thought was out of my reach, and ended up getting it and literally saw the world.

Then again, I also was laid off several times in a 6 year period and totally took a leap of faith and started my own business. ( I just finished writing about this experience. I have a chapter in an upcoming book that will be out this summer- more to come!) But to me, these things don’t seem like that big of a risk because I had support. I had a wonderful success team to help me. I had plenty of referrals from colleagues, friends, and family to fuel my marketing business, and now I’m off to the races…

The real key I find in business is that you really have to take risks to be more successful, and you oftentimes have to step out of that comfort zone. The more I’ve done that, that’s when I’ve reaped wonderful successes.

I wanted to spotlight someone I met a few months ago who’s recently inspired me to rethink my comfort zone and maybe even take a few more risks. Her name is Gina Otto.

( A quick sidebar- That’s me and Gina in the photo, taken at these wonderful Women On Fire Tea Parties in New York City that are created by my incredible Executive Coach, Debbie Phillips.)

If you don’t know Gina, you will indeed be in the coming months. She wrote this inspiring book for girls called Cassandra’s Angel. “It’s an amazing book that will move and delight children from four to ninety-four. Its heart-melting story and its timely and empowering message will enable children and parents alike to recognize, own, and nurture the special creative gifts each person has brought to share with the world.” Gina worked in film production, advertising, and the fashion industry for fifteen years. She then began speaking to groups of teenage girls about the importance of self-perception and how it is affected by popular culture, and this book was born. She’s someone I admire because she had the guts to take a risk to leave a high-paying industry to go after her dream. Since her book, she’s written a musical that expands the realm of the book and puts her wonderful words into memorable songs.

I had the pleasure of being invited last night to the first reading of the musical. I’ve never attended one of these before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was amazing to watch the actors sit around the table with their scripts, a piano, director, and musical director, and how they brought it to life. It was so incredibly moving and awe-inspiring.  Seeing Gina’s dream come to life.

Gina is the epitome of someone who had the courage, gumption, and support to take a huge risk and go after her dream of seeing her inspiring book turned into a musical. So I hope what you can take away from here today is that it’s never too late to step out of your comfort zone, take that risk, jump off that proverbial cliff and just hang on because I bet you it will be the best most incredible ride you’ve ever had!

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    Shannon wrote: “Gina is the epitome of someone who had the courage, gumption and support to take a huge risk and go after her dream of seeing her inspiring booked turned into a musical.”

    I agree. Gina has risked and sacrificed much so this incredible and important story can be experienced by many. Thank you for spotlighting this amazing woman.

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