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How You Can Get More Clients Now, In Any Economy…

Aren’t we supposed to be in a recession this year?  If so, please tell me why I’m having the best year yet in my business?  Why is my business booming and other businesses are not?  This is a huge question and guess what?  I do have some very important answers for you, answers that you might want to take note of and even do some of these things in your business –  start now.  What I’m going to reveal to you really works, and I know they work because they’ve worked for me and my clients and countless others I’ve learned them from, so here we go, get ready to discover some really cool stuff!

1) Three things you have to get right in your business to succeed- you need to be marketing to the – 1- right market (audience), using the best most appropriate – 2 – message and using the most appropriate  – 3 – media mix for your market. If one of these off, there goes all of your marketing and your business. For example if you’re marketing to a niche like retired people over 60, you don’t want to just rely on the internet, also doing direct mail and some other media you’ll reach more in this niche.

2) You need to know WHO your ideal client is and not just what they read, their age, etc. But what keeps them awake at night? What’s their biggest challenge and what problems do they have that need to be solved?  Knowing this is a huge piece of the puzzle.

3) What business are you in?  You might answer I’m an accountant, a lawyer, a coach, etc.  The reality is that’s NOT the business you’re in.  The business you’re in is solving people’s problems or pain.  You need to get at their issues and reach them on an emotional level. So you’re really in the marketing and relationship business. You’ll be successful if you can speak to your prospects as they do and relate to their problems, challenges and issues.

4) You need to communicate to your prospects and clients on a regular basis, at least once a month. Preferably more!  These communications need to be filled with value and great information.  No blatant sales pitches and boring corporate speak.  You need to speak to them as if you’re having coffee with them, one to one and connect with them, tell them stories about your kids, your dog, your successes, your failures.

The more you can connect, be real, you’re not just a business, you’re a person- build a relationship with them.  The more you can do that, the more they will relate to you and want to work with you. Gone are the days of cold calling and ramming sales down people’s throats.  A good example is you could do a monthly newsletter, a printed one. Like I used to do. Or you could simply send them a weekly email.

Try a few of these things out and see how they work for your business.  I have a lot more stuff up my sleeve, like some specific ways you can get new clients. For example, by using social media, or speaking, and many more, stay tuned!

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