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Luck is related to choices….

This is what Dan Kennedy said to me — “Luck is related to choices…”  This totally made me hunker down and think about this very deep statement.  You see I’ve believed in luck all my life, but I never thought it had anything to do with me and my choices. I always thought that the luck was simply about being in the right place at the right time, or maybe even silly as it seems, because I’m part Irish.  I NEVER thought it was because of something I did.

So here was Dan Kennedy, the millionaire maker, telling me over dinner that luck was about choices…  Since that dinner I had with him back at the AWAI (American Writer’s & Artists Institute) Business of Copywriting Workshop in Cleveland, Ohio, I’ve been thinking about this, probably way too much. And because of that I thought this might make for an interesting post.

Looking back over my life with this new “luck filter,” I’d have to say I was a very lucky person and indeed a lot of that luck WAS because of certain choices I made.  The cool thing about this discovery is that it means that YOU can impact your life simply by the choices you make.  Wow, that sounds way too easy.  Yet, I’m here to tell you it certainly IS just that easy.  It’s not just your positive mindset, it’s also taking action.

When I was at the AWAI conference with Dan, he had me speak about how I was able to take his principles and create a successful business.  In fact, I wrote 2 articles about it in my May newsletter.

Some might say that the way I’ve been able to get some pretty cool, high powered, and fun clients is because of luck.  For example, I just got a really cool interview with a very high powered prospective client (I don’t want to jinx it, so I’m not saying right now, just go with me here) and depending upon how you look at it, could be luck or maybe it was because of the actions I took and a little luck sprinkled in…  Here’s how the interview came about – I met someone at a workshop I had attended back in March. After it was over, when I got home I added this person to my monthly newsletter list. And with all new people, I sent them a hand written note along with my newsletter referring how we met, how I can help them, etc.  Well this person sent me an email after he received my newsletter and said they had wanted to set up a phone apt. to speak with me.  That call then led to us setting up a meeting with his high powered prospective client.

There you have it, is it luck or is it action?  Or is a combination of both? The moral of this blog is no matter what you call it, you have to take action in order to have a little luck. My suggestion is DO SOMETHING at least once a month to communicate with your prospects and clients and the people you meet at conferences.  As Dan has said over a million times, do ONE thing every day to get a new client, and that’s how you never have to cold call again. You honestly just never know what will turn into some cool, lucrative relationships and business for you down the road.

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  • Meredith Bell

    Great post, Shannon! I agree with Dan’s insight about luck and your point about taking action. I don’t think you can sit around waiting for luck to find you – you have to contribute!

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