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Happy 2022 – What’s Next?!

We did it – we made it into another new year!

I have to admit it wasn’t as smooth a ride as I’d hoped. 

How about you?

The year had some major ups and downs (like when I injured my back), and the end of the year was a wee bit bumpier than I had expected… Yet, my spouse and I survived – intact and with no virus…. 

I’m not sure how I didn’t come down with the virus because I had some work at the Disney Parks in Orlando in early December and it was CRAZY. Hundreds of thousands of people were there, where masks were only required indoors. 

Picture this – I’m standing shoulder to shoulder with people, packed like sardines watching the end-of-the-night special 50-year celebration fireworks. (Of course, I had my KN95 mask on the whole time. And not a whole lot of others had one on. And I learned, I only need to worry about myself and let others take care of themselves.)

My biggest concern was that I definitely didn’t want to bring anything home to my spouse who’s working in the hospital every day. And she has enough to deal with without giving her the virus. 

Then she and I traveled down to southern CA to visit Ally’s parents and managed to snag some tests because we didn’t want to infect any family members if we managed to catch the virus in our travels. 

This felt like such a weird ending to 2021 with the virus surging, and I had managed to get my booster and just felt off the whole holiday vacation. 

We got back on New Year’s Eve and were so tired. We went to bed at 9 pm. 

2021 will go down in the history books as another bizarre virus year.

What I liked most about 2021 was there were specific points where I felt a bit more normal because we weren’t in lockdown. I had a rhythm going with my morning and work routines. 

And we even managed to eat out a bit more!  What surprised me the most was how much money we saved by not going out so much!

Now let’s focus on 2022. We’re only six days in… what’s it looking like for you? How are you feeling?

The first week of January, I always try to ease back into my routines and work schedules simply. It’s good to have some specific self-care focus and not overdo it.

At the beginning of each year, I useThe Great Start Program created by my Coaches, Rob Berkley and Debbie Phillips. I’ve been doing this for over 15 years now.

I don’t ever make resolutions anymore – they’re like pipe dreams that never come to fruition.

What I do is review 2021 by answering some key questions, for example – What was my proudest moment? What was my biggest disappointment? What will I give up or not do anymore this year? And more…

Once I’ve answered all the questions, I’m set up to create my goals for the 5 core areas of my life. I try to have at least one goal in each, sometimes 2 or 3, yet the more I add, the harder it is to achieve. (Ask me how I know this?! 😉

5 Key Areas : (Not in any particular order.)
1. Career

2. Financial

3. Health

4. Relationships

5. Spiritual

We always had a 6th category for travel as we both love to explore and go on adventures. Since the virus, we’ve put that on hold.

Maybe we will have to add some local trips we can drive to like Tahoe or Mt. Shasta….

If you’re interested in discovering more about Great Start to plan your 2022 and make it your breakout year, check out the P.S.

On another note, I had something happen on New Year’s weekend that just inspired and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

On our walk with the dogs, we went to our favorite pond near our home and came across this family of 4 otters swimming, playing, and having a grand ole time.

I took a video and posted it on FB and some pictures below. 

I’m taking that as a sign for the year. I have Animal Medicine cards that I use sometimes, and it says that the Otter is curious, playful, adventuresome, and expresses joy. 

It’s also about letting things unfold and stopping worrying or hanging onto material things. (Umm, this will help me be way more judicious when I eventually start packing for our move in February!)

I’d highly encourage you to find your inspiration that will help guide you this year. Whether it’s spirit animals, meditation, writing, reading, hiking, painting, whatever it is, branch out of your daily shell and shake things up a bit. It’s time…

Happy winter – here’s to hot chocolate, snowy nights, Cheryl’s cookies, and walking in the rain.

Note 1: This was kind of cool – if you have an Amazon Alexa device as we do – this was something that was just announced – Alexa’s going to space.

Note 2: Interested in ditching your New Year’s Resolution for creating real change and success in 2022? Get the Great Start Program that I’ve used for over 15 years.

Note 3: Check out my FB to see the video of the Otter family. There were 4 of them bobbing along and having some snacks.

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