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Want some “magic” that will help you never to run out of content ideas???

This week, I’ve got some music earworms in my head. First, it was Olivia Newton John’s “Magic – You’ve got to believe in magic – nothing will stand in your way….” Then, ”Do You Believe in Magic” by the Loving Spoonfuls.

Did you know that there are over 60 songs about magic?!

I discovered this Google fact when I visited my Mom in Houston last week. When we heard that Olivia Newton-John had died, my Mom wanted to listen to some of her songs…

This was when I went down the rabbit hole of magic, earworms, and creating content…

Just the word “magic” brings about all sorts of memories and connotations. I was very into magic as a kid. I had all sorts of card tricks, coin tricks, and more.

I would save up my allowance and order them from the back of magazines. (That’s how it was done in the days before the internet. Is that now called B.T.I.?)

I can go on Google or ask Alexa, and they can find anything for me between the two.

Then I could go into all the cool movies about magic, of which there are many. And then I’d be far down the rabbit hole and far from the guidance of this email…

Like these weekly emails, there is a certain “magic” to writing content.

I talked a little about this a few emails ago and how when you plan to write content. It’s helpful to start with your big idea – the goal of what you’re writing.

Framing your content is a terrific way to help you create different types of content for your:
– Course, product, program launch
– Blog content
– Social media posts
– Creating online training
– Guides, books, or long-form content copy

I write a lot for myself and my clients. I’m constantly looking for different things to write. Although I have a fallback format,
I want to try new ideas and explore other forms of writing.

Here’s a List of 10 Different Formats to Write About: (Remember to create one big idea for your writing before you pick a format.)

1. Share a Case Study – Write about a client, colleague, or someone that helps share ideas and gives good info to help and inspire.

2. Do a Q&A – Your writing can have one question that you answer or more than one. “The five questions everyone asks about product launches.”

3. Create a How-to – This is one of my go-to’s. For me, it’s easy to create “how-to” content with step-by-step information. Such as “How to launch your product in 7 Steps.”

4. How Not To – It’s always good to share things not to do. Sometimes, those are even more sought out than how to avoid mistakes.

5. Share a Speedy, Quick How-to – This would be just one how-to step instead of several steps.

6. Give Away Some Insider Secrets – Another favorite of mine – is giving an insider scoop on some specific topics that will help your dream clients create more success.

7. Create a Quiz – People LOVE quizzes, and there’s a lot of good programming software that will help. I use Typeform, or you can use Google Forms or various other quiz/survey systems. We’re all innately curious to find out more about ourselves. 🙂

8. First-Person Personal Story – I always try using the first person whenever possible. And personal stories are definitely underrated. People are innately curious about others as well. Share whatever you’re comfortable with and let people get to know the inner you.

9. Share Date on a Topic – I write emails for a client based on research I find about the topic online.

10. Compare & Contrast – These are good when evaluating your product, program, and services with the competition. Or if you’re just trying to show how you are unique and different from everything else.

Keep these writing formats handy whenever you’re creating content. You will find it helps when you’re staring at a blank page…If you want some inspiration around “the blank page,” I wrote about this – “Cures for the Horror of the Blank Page.”

Book recommendation for you – Everybody Writes by Ann Handley. It came out in 2014. It’s a terrific “go-to” guide about how to create some fantastic content. And if you have already read it, maybe this is a sign to dust it off the shelf and revisit it!

Happy mid-August -This week is a scorcher in CA – 108 or more – so early morning walks with the doggies = sweet sunsets (and kisses), shorts, lots of water, and a.c. to keep us all cool.

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