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How AI Taught Me an Upgraded Way to Communicate

This Week’s Soulful Marketing eNewsletter Highlights:

Core Article: What AI Taught Me About Communication

Paragraph I’m Pondering: Don’t Feed The Monkey Mind

Powerful Affirmations to Inspire: I am resilient and adaptable!

Book Review: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success: How We Can Learn to Fulfill Our Potential by Carol Dweck

Cool Stuff: Making leather alternatives out of apple pulp.

AI Info & Resources: How the iPhone uses more AI powered tools than Samsung

What AI Taught Me About Communication

These past two weeks have been fascinating when it comes to how people are using AI in their business. I just started working with a new client and their Director of Operations floored me with all they’re doing with AI. They are automating almost everything in their business.

Stay with me. This is not just about AI. 🙂

There was something else he taught me about AI, that I then realized I can use it in my own communications…

So, if you’re using AI, most people simply type into the window and ask it to do things like write emails, find sources, books, holiday trips, and more.

The challenge is if you don’t get good at ‘asking,’ (in AI language, it’s called ‘prompt’.) it will take you a lot longer to get what you want from it and you will have a lot more refining to do.

So the real eye opener for me was to use a ‘Prompt Writing GPT.’ And that’s where I ask it how best to communicate with it so it will create what I want.

Wow, that was pretty cool and a little meta. Get help from the AI and ask it how to best communicate with it and how to best give it the right directions for what I need it to help me with. 🙂

In the section below are some more cool tips about how to do it.

If you don’t have a paid version of Chat GPT, you can skip this part.


If you have ChatGPT (paid version), search for GPTs and put in the word “prompt” in the search bar, and the one that has the most users is called “Prompt Engineer.” (Or another one, my favorite is “God of Prompt.”)

I needed to create a specific graphic for my blog. I simply asked the Prompt GPT for a prompt that would create a graphic that would be best for the title of my latest blog. 

It spits out this huge amount of directions. Then I look it over, edit it (If I feel it needs editing.) and copy and paste that into my Image GPT, and voila, I got a pretty amazing graphic for my blog.


So this whole ‘asking’ got me thinking… why don’t we do that with our partners, spouses, family, friends, colleagues, and more? (or maybe we do, and it’s something to think about doing more of.)

Let’s say your significant other came to you and shared something that was really bothering them. Simply ask them what they need in this moment. Or ask them how best to respond, or what they need from you, or how you can you help or support them? Let THEM, like the AI Prompt Engineer, tell you how best to communicate with them. 

Just the gesture of asking them how best you can be there and help them through whatever they’re struggling with will create a stronger bond.

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Paragraph I’m Pondering: 

“When we choose to accept negative feelings as necessary, as simply a part of our growing process, there amazing things happen: 1. We learn that we can handle the feelings. 2. We contradict the monkey’s perception of threat, training it that we can handle the situation. 3. We free ourselves to move with purpose, not allowing anxiety to dictate our actions.” ~ Jennifer Shannon, author of Don’t Feed The Monkey Mind: How to Stop The Cycles of Anxiety, Fear, & Worry 

Powerful Affirmations to Inspire

  • My passion and dedication drive my business forward with unstoppable momentum.
  • My mind is clear, focused, and open to new opportunities.
  • I am resilient, adaptable, and always find a way to succeed.

Book Review

Being in Mel Robbins’s six-month Launch Program, she’s mentioned Carol Dweck and her impactful book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success: How We Can Learn to Fulfill Our Potential. And it’s one of my favorits. So, I thought I’d share my review of her book in case you want to check it out.

Cool Stuff

  • Did you hear about the Red Lobster debacle and how its “endless shrimp” deal put it out of business? Kind of crazy. And now Bold: Buffalo Wild Wings is gonna run an all-you-can-eat boneless wings deal 2x per week through July 10. Hmmm….
  • My favorite fruit is a Honey Crisp apple, and I eat it every day. Now, here’s something interesting – a Danish startup, Beyond Leather Materials, is now producing a leather alternative made from discarded apple pulp. Apparently, the upcycled fruit waste is strong enough for furniture makers and auto upholsterers to use. Who knew?  
  • 9 most notorious con artists in history and their famous scams. Now I know where the term Ponzi scheme” came from. You will, too, when you check out this article.

AI Info & Resources: 

  • Good article on Open AI’s, free vs. getting their paid plans. Just in case you might be inspired to upgrade your account… (I have the paid account and have used it waaay more than I ever thought I would.)
  • If you’re interested in using video to connect with potential dream clients or current ones, this tool helps you easily record, personalize, and share videos with them.
  • I didn’t realize how much Apple’s iPhone and other devices use Open AI. Check out how the iPhone has more AI-powered tools and Intelligence vs Samsung Galaxy AI.

Weekly Photos

  1. Emma who’s such a velcro dog, ALWAYS on my lap, wherever I am. Including this one I took on our deck, enjoying some shade.
  2. Love my yogi tea and collecting all the meaningful quotes for the day.
  3. And yeppers, always finding hearts all over the neighborhood. This one’s embedded in the road.
  4. Love this San Francisco picture. If you can believe, I took this from our car at the stoplight.
  5. For some reason, I just love taking bridge shots, always looking for an interesting angle.
  6. These chairs were perfect to hang out at Shasta Lake and watch the sunset.
  7. Emma sleeping on the couch on the deck, loving our early morning coffee and sunrise time.
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