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Taylor Swift Dominated Social Media with This Core Soulful Marketing Principle

Core Article: Taylor Swift Dominated Social Media with This Core Soulful Marketing Principle

Scavenger Hunt: Doves and dimes, oh my.

Paragraph I’m Pondering: It’s about why you do what you do.

Powerful Affirmations to Inspire: I invest in my future…

Book Review: Hook Point: How To Stand Out In A 3-Second World by Brendon Kane

Cool Stuff: A man lived underwater for 100 days.

AI Info & Resources: Looking for an image generator? Here are 9 to check out.


Taylor Swift Dominated Social Media
with This Core Soulful Marketing Principle

I just listened to Brendan Kane’s fascinating story about Taylor Swift in his book Hook Point: How to Stand Out In A 3-Second World,. Kane’s focus is a little different in the book because he talks about what he did to get Swift as a client.

I’m taking it in another direction because I think this part is a bit more fascinating and impactful for you, especially if you have a presence online and on social media for your business. 

The crux of the story was about how Swift built her spectacular business. I didn’t realize that she had a massive presence on MySpace back in the day. A platform many of us might consider ancient history now.

In fact, Swift built her empire by posting on MySpace. She didn’t just post her music; she engaged with her fans on a personal level, sharing snippets of her life, thoughts, and behind-the-scenes moments.

And it’s not just that she built her empire on MySpace. It’s that she was able to leverage it on other platforms and continued to grow it using the latest technology.

One thing that makes Swift stand out (among many other things) is that she loves creating her own content and reposting it on her different platforms and sites. I thought that was kind of cool.

However, back then, it was not easy to take what she posted on MySpace and post it on her website. She had to send her content to a website developer, who would post it a few days later. 

She wanted it to happen immediately in real time. Back then, there weren’t many easy solutions. 

Kane stood out because he understood her pain and built an easy-to-update website. 

When he finally met Taylor, he showed her how she could update from her MySpace account to her website site in seconds. She tried it out and was instantly hooked. Kane was immediately hired to build her social media presence.

Taylor wanted to deepen her connection with fans and expand her reach on social media. Her unique approach was rooted in her genuine desire to connect with her fans. 

She wasn’t just promoting her music; she was sharing her story. This authenticity resonated deeply with her audience and laid the foundation for her digital empire. 

This story is straight out of one of the core principles of Soulful Marketing – Authenticity and genuine connection.

What Kane did for Taylor was he knew that just posting content wasn’t enough. He helped her create more compelling “Unique Connection Points” (‘Hook Points’ doesn’t feel very Soulful Marketing.) that would capture attention within the first three seconds.

He helped leverage Taylor’s unique voice and personality by working with her to craft content that was more engaging and felt personal, authentic, and genuine, truly reflecting Taylor and who she is. 

They also analyzed data to see what types of posts resonated most with her audience.

For instance, behind-the-scenes content, personal anecdotes, and interactive posts like polls and Q&A sessions garnered high engagement. By focusing on creating engaging “Unique Connection Points” and delivering content that felt personal and exclusive, Taylor Swift’s social media presence saw a significant boost.

This story highlights the importance of standing out in a crowded digital space by creating ‘Unique Connection Points that immediately capture attention and deliver content that resonates deeply with the audience.

Soulful Strategies to Create Unique Connection Points

  1. Leverage Your Unique Voice and Personality – First, you need to determine what makes your product or service stand out. This needs to be something that immediately captures attention and provokes curiosity.
  2. Craft a Clear Message: Your “Unique Connection Points” ought to be simple, clear, and instantly understandable. Avoid jargon and keep it relevant to your dream client’s needs, challenges, frustrations, and interests.
  1. Be Authentic: Share personal stories and behind-the-scenes moments to build trust and connection.
  2. Show Vulnerability: Share your challenges and triumphs to engage your audience more deeply.

Quick Update 🙂

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On another note – I hope you’re staying cool wherever you are! Oh boy, this was and still is a tough, scorching week. We’re in the double digits (110+) for the next 7 days. I ‘m getting a little break by heading down to see and take care of my Mom in Houston. Even though they have humidity, it’s still not as hot as Northern CA – sheesh.

Weekly Scavenger Hunt

This week is all about dove feathers and a dime. Yep, people have some serious change in our neighborhood that I keep finding on my walks with Emma 🙂 And we have a lot of birds here too!

Paragraph I’m Pondering

“People don’t buy WHAT you do. They buy WHY you do it. A failure to communicate WHY creates nothing but stress or doubt. In contrast, many people who are drawn to buying Mac computers or Harley-Davidson motorcycles, for example, don’t need to talk to anyone about which brand to choose. They feel the utmost confidence in their decision, and the only question they ask is which Mac or which Harley.” ~ Simon Sinek, Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action

Powerful Affirmations to Inspire

  • My work brings me joy, fulfillment, and abundance.
  • I am focused, productive, and successful in all my professional endeavors.
  • I invest in my future, making smart financial decisions that lead to lasting prosperity.

Book Review

Brendan Kane, Hook Point: How To Stand Out In A 3-Second World 

Cool Stuff

AI Info and Resources

Weekly Photos

  1. I love this picture of Lake Shasta and a houseboat. The lake is so full compared to during the drought. I took this from one of our new favorite restaurants on the lake.
  2. Well, what can I say? Emma’s favorite pose lately, yeah, is too cute.
  3. On my walks, I always find something interesting. That day, I saw a whole bunch of turkeys looking for food.
  4. Emma just seriously thinks she’s a person and helps herself to rest her head on the dining room table.
  5. We had some serious clouds before the heatwave came in. This made for a sweet sunrise.
  6. This is really crazy. Some people don’t believe me that I find hearts everywhere. This one was in my salad – ha! (or it could be a checkmark that I’m done for the day!)
  7. Here’s a wider perspective of my sunrise picture—Emma and I chilling on the deck couch.

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