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    By defying logic you can create incredible success – hmmmmm

    I love counterintuitive ideas and things that really get my mind spinning – much like a chew toy does for a dog… The one I want to share with you today is about how when you *defy logic. You can actually create some tremendous success. No, I’m not talking about feats of engineering or technology. I’m talking about the idea of perception vs. reality. And about alchemy and magic. Let’s say you think of a good idea for a business. And it’s really a good idea, one that others have done, yet, you’re going to turn that industry on its head. Yet, when you share the idea and if you start…

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    Are you good at finding things?

    There’s been one thing that somewhat mystifies me, and that’s my ability to find things that are lost. I can’t really explain it, except when I can’t find something, there’s an inner voice that actually whispers to me where I can find that lost item. I know, I know, this may sound a bit crazy, and before you think that I hear voices, let me explain further… It’s been two weeks since we’ve moved to our new house, and one of our most used questions has been – “Hey honey have you seen the [insert name of item here]?” I thought we did a pretty awesome job at packing, yet,…

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    Would you ever consider joining a cult?

    I know, a crazy question, right? Well… Of course, you are probably saying to yourself – “No way, that’s kind of crazy. Who in the right mind would join a cult?” Yeah, I know, I hear you, and I agree with you. Yet, let me share some interesting myths about cults with you: Most people think that those who join cults are not very intelligent or have psychological problems. Ummm, nope, that’s not correct. Believe it or not, most people who join cults are very intelligent and are psychologically sound. People knowingly join cults – Most people don’t or wouldn’t ever join a cult. What usually happens to them is like a frog…

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    Solving the Mystery of What Your Clients Want

    Whether you are an entrepreneur or working directly with clients starting from scratch with a new idea is hard, especially when it comes to creating new products. Knowing exactly what your clients need and are looking for is pretty much like a guessing game. Unless… you know the secret of predicting exactly what your clients want and are looking for.  Today, I am going to share that secret with you. In fact, it is extremely simple…all you have to do is ASK THEM. The key to this “Secret” is realizing the core of what your clients or prospects want lies in doing a survey—asking a series of questions: What do…

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