Soulful Marketing System

Hi, I’m Shannon McCaffery. I am the founder of a unique marketing company helping soulful entrepreneurs create successful businesses. Marketing is my gift. When I’m partnering with a like-minded soulful entrepreneur, the relationship we create is energy-filled and intuitive. Success always comes when that happens!

What I have to offer is not just about “Marketing”. It’s about YOU, Your Life, Your Passion, Your Business, Why you do what you do. This is where my talent and expertise comes in. My distinctive brand of marketing is unique and not a cookie-cutter approach. No two businesses are alike, every business is unique and that’s the approach you deserve.

I am dedicated to treating and working with you as a one of a kind company- no two companies are alike…

​Put my twenty years of experience to work for you. I am an expert direct response online marketer, product launch manager, online customer experience specialist, strategic coach, project manager and product creation specialist.

We work together to increase the impact of your marketing by assessing what you are currently doing for your business online and offline.  Then we can implement proven techniques to get you more leads/clients and increase your profits in a matter of months, not years!

Go Here to Get Your Free Copy of My 7 Step Soulful Marketing & Launch Checklist.

These are the exact 7 steps I take all my clients through before we create an Online customer experience, or launch their course/product/service. 


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