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The Value of Having Another Perspective

Before I get into today’s topic, I wanted to clarify something from a reader about last week’s blog, “Taming Your Brain.”

I had mentioned that if I hadn’t been meditating for many years, I wouldn’t have been able to recognize or be aware of my thoughts to start changing them and taming my mind.

The beauty of this is – that it was MY PROCESS. It took me a long time because of ALL the things I let get in my way, like my issues with alcohol, stopping meditating for a while, and more.

Then in the past six years of being in recovery, and now my addiction to learning – this awareness process is really changing my life.

Your experience will be totally different. So don’t let what I shared stop you from trying out the exercise of taming your brain. 🙂

This week, I wanted to share a brief story about perspective…

I’m in a copywriting group that meets weekly, where we can submit work for a critique.

Up until now, I’ve not ever submitted anything. I was just content with learning and helping others.

Even though I have a lot of experience, I’m still apprehensive when asking for help and having my work displayed for a group of colleagues to critique.

It’s so easy for me to sit back and help others. Yet, it’s still hard to ask for help.

I mustered up my courage and realized that having another perspective on the copy I was working on would be valuable.

The aha moment for me was once they started looking at it and giving me feedback, I felt calm. I felt really good about my work. They gave me some really constructive ideas.

I could view my work from so many other perspectives by sharing it with this group of copy experts. It was invaluable.

The lesson for me was how important it is to get out of my own way, share my work with others for their valuable feedback and ideas, and look at it from their perspective.

I’m way too close to my work to see things. Most entrepreneurs have scotoma (or a blind spot) when it comes to marketing their business.

So it’s necessary to share your work so you can see things from another perspective.

I was working with a client who shared a new lead generator video he created today. It’s what he will use to start building his list. I was able to watch it from a beginner’s mind perspective and shared my ideas of how it could be more impactful.

He said that was beyond valuable for him and that the changes I suggested would make his video even more compelling to his audience.

Getting another perspective can really make a bigger impact on your business, and it’s also true in your personal lives as well.

When we’re too close to something, it’s incredibly helpful to have our spouse, partner, friend, or family member share their perspective.

The only caveat is when you decide to share – make sure they’re someone you trust who has your best interest at heart.

As I mentioned earlier, asking for help can be hard and even downright frustrating.

Take some deep breaths and realize you have more hands at your back than you know – there are people who are willing to help you and are simply waiting for you to ask.

Include me as one of those people. 🙂

If you ever need feedback or another perspective on something you’re working on, please reach out. I’m always here to support you – just ask.

Happy October – Fall is Finally here in Redding, CA – It’s the month of ghosts, goblins, witches, spiders, pumpkins, and candy – mwahaha!
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