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    How to go from Idea to total market domination

    Have you ever had a pretty stellar idea and thought, “wow, this could be a winner, one that could help transform a lot of people as well as create some consistent income!” What happened next? Were you able to get it off the ground? Why not? Or what happened? Sitting here in my brother-in-law’s office on a very hot and humid day in Houston, TX, I’m faced these questions. Yet, it’s not about my work, it’s about my Mom…. I flew down here to Houston, TX, and because I needed to help my sister out by taking care of my Mom (and the two dogs and cat). She’s going to…

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    Confessions, Word Choices, & Websites

    This is a little out there and something I noticed this morning when I was doing my morning reading. (I read at least 30 minutes every morning to stimulate my brain. Remember, I’m a learnaholic, so this fuels me and my day. 🙂 When I was reading, I noticed how this writer used the word “but” a lot. I mean, “but” is an ok word yet in my somewhat limited grammar experience, (Grammarly.com is my friend.) ”but” is a conjunction (i.e., a linking word) that’s used to introduce a contrast. So it always negates what comes before it. (Yeah, I did have to look that up to get the right…

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    Go Big or Go Home

    Finally, I was able to get out of town. (I just got back last night!) Sheesh, with all the flaring up of the pandemic again, I was second-guessing my trip. Yet, I honestly just wanted to get out of town. I had registered for the Traffic & Conversion (T&C) Summit, which I used to go to every year. I slacked off in 2019, and of course, they didn’t have it in 2020. In 2019, I attended at least six different events. So I knew that this was the only event I would attend this year with what was happening with the pandemic. That’s when I made the all-important decision that…

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