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From Waterloo to Worldwide: ABBA-Inspired Content Strategies :-)

This Week’s Highlights:

Core Article: From Waterloo to Worldwide: ABBA-Inspired Content Strategies 🙂

Cool Stuff: What in the world is Barkatechture? (You gotta see it!)

AI Info & Resources: See How Hellman’s Mayonnaise is using AI – it may get you to nod and think, “ahhhh, interesting…”

From Waterloo to Worldwide: ABBA-Inspired Content Strategies 🙂

I’m baaaack from a pretty amazing adventure, and oh, what an adventure it was… yet, that’s not why you here, to listen to me extol my vacation adventures… (If you are interested, check out my FB posts.) 

So you’re here – yay – and I want to share some fascinating insights from my journey at about 38k feet in the air over the Atlantic ocean.

It was about that time I was trying to settle in for the 11-hour flight back home. 

I was surfing through the entertainment on board the 777 while I had the flight map up so I could track our progress. (As an aside, going home is a bit more challenging. We left at 12 pm UK time and will arrive in San Francisco at 2 pm PT. And 10+ hrs have passed.) 

My goal was to stay awake. So I came across some fascinating documentaries, and one was called – Abba Forever: The Winner Takes It All.

Apparently it came out in 2019. So Mamma Mia, (Apologies, I couldn’t help myself!), now was my chance, it had my undivided attention. 

What I loved about it was that I didn’t know half of the things they shared. I’d totally forgotten they made it to stardom by winning a music contest. They were against all odds to ever finding success with their quirky costumes and such different lyrics: 

“There was something in the air that night. The stars were bright, Fernando. They were shining there for you and me. For liberty, Fernando…”

Yet they became a success and sensation that’s lasted for 5 decades!

So, how in the heck did they do it?

What’s their secret? Their magic for longevity? (I mean, talk about residual income and making money while you sleep. For them, that’s a reality.)

It all started when they won the Eurovision band contest back in 1974 with their first hit “Waterloo.” They were the first band from Sweden to ever win.

They had a unique sound, amazing harmony, and lyrics that resonated and rolled over your tongue, with incredibly “catchy tunes.”

They were a group of four musicians from Sweden who embarked on a journey. 

Their mission? To create music that transcended borders, languages, and cultures. 

This was no easy feat in a world overflowing with diverse musical tastes. 

Yet, against all odds, ABBA achieved this and more, crafting tunes that, decades later, still get people dancing, feeling, and connecting across the globe. 

How did they do it? And what can mindful, purpose-driven entrepreneurs like us learn from their global appeal to create content that resonates universally?

Note: One of the core (and hopefully obvious) reasons I’m sharing this with you is because YOU CAN DO IT TOO! 🙂 

ABBA’s secret sauce wasn’t just in their catchy melodies or the universal themes of love, loss, and longing they sang about. 

It was their authenticity, their understanding of the human experience, and their ability to express it in ways that felt both personal and universal. 

As a mindful purpose-driven entrepreneur, you are on a quest—maybe not to create the next “Dancing Queen,” it’s about crafting content that connects, inspires action, and maybe even touches hearts throughout the world.

Abba went from the stage of Eurovision to the big screen (and Broadway) with “Mamma Mia!,” and into the future with their revolutionary hologram show. They have shown the world how versatility in content can lead to enduring success.

I want to extract a goldmine of strategies from ABBA’s playbook to guide you in amplifying your own messages and reach. This is the first email of many about Abba— ”Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Guidance!  

How You Can Channel the ABBA Effect Into Your Content Creation:

1. Universal Themes with a Personal Touch:

ABBA had a knack for weaving universal themes with personal stories, making their songs relatable yet deeply personal. For your content, dive deep into the universal experiences of your dream client—be it the journey to find purpose, battling burnout, or the challenges of growth. Knowing the deepest challenges and desires of your dream clients will help you resonate with them on another level. Share your personal experiences and stories related to these themes to ultimately connect with them.

2. Simplicity is Key:

Their melodies were memorable because they were simple and clear. Apply this to your content. Use clear, concise language that speaks directly to the heart to inspire your dream client. Avoid industry jargon and complicated concepts. Chat like you’re talking with your best friend. Simplicity and authenticity are best.

3. Stir Those Emotions:

Every ABBA song evokes emotion, whether it’s the joy of “Dancing Queen” or the melancholy of “The Winner Takes It All.” Your content should aim to evoke emotion. Emotional connection is a universal language. Share content that moves your audience—whether it brings joy, inspires change, or offers solace or support. This emotional resonance is what will make your content memorable and shareable.

4. Don’t Stop Evolving and Adapting:

The band’s style evolved over the years, yet they always stayed true to their essence. As entrepreneurs, we, too, must adapt our content strategies to the changing digital landscape while staying true to our core mission and values. This might mean exploring new platforms or experimenting with different content formats. Adaptability ensures your content stays relevant and engaging. (Note: I wouldn’t recommend spreading yourself too thin. You don’t have to be on all social media at once. Pick one or two platforms, blow them out, then start on a new one.)

5. Engage, Connect, and Collaborate:

The collaborative spirit between the band members was definitely a key part of their success. It was also how they engaged with their community—their fans. And how they collaborated with other songwriters, musicians, and more. For you, it’s about how you can collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs and thought leaders. These collaborations can bring new perspectives to your content and expand its reach. I’m in several groups, some paid, some free, and most I’ve been in for years. Developing sustainable relationships over time and overdelivering with these folks is key. There’s no room for “solo” in a symphony.

6. Commit and Be Consistent:

Becoming a global sensation wasn’t an overnight success story for ABBA. It was their consistent effort and commitment to their craft that led to their worldwide appeal. Similarly, consistency in sharing high-quality content builds trust and establishes you as a thought leader in your space. And I’ve talked about this before. Consistency matters because it builds trust over time. Whatever you decide to do – make sure you’re ready to commit. Much like I did when I decided to do this weekly eNewsletter every week for the past 5 years. 

Whew, you made it to the end. I’m hoping you’re buzzing with new ideas about how to inject some “ABBA Effects” into your business.

Remember, it’s about making those deep human connections through authenticity, simplicity, and a whole lot of heart.

If the digital world were a symphony, your authentic voice would be your most powerful instrument. Let’s make it sing!

When you do, your dream clients will tune in—promise.

Quick Update

Rock on the second week of April – spring’s definitely here, and everything’s blooming. And Shannon’s almost acclimated back to the Pacific Time Zone! The joys of travel. 🙂

 Question: I’m curious: what ABBA song describes your business vibe right now? Leave me a comment!

Paragraph I’m Pondering: 

“Super Trouper beams are gonna blind me

But I won’t feel blue 

Like I always do 

‘Cause somewhere in the crowd, there’s you…”

~Super Trouper, Abba

Powerful Affirmations to Inspire:

“I create an amazing space in my life for all that inspires me and my vision of my relationships, work, finances, and health.” ~ Shannon McC

Weekly Earworm: 

“Fernando” Yep, it had to be an ABBA song, right?!  “Can you hear the drums, Fernando? Do you still recall the frightful night we crossed the Rio Grande?”

Book Review:

Book Review: Austin Kleon: 10 Ways to Stay Creative In Good Times and Bad

Cool Stuff:  

AI Info & Resources: 

Weekly Photos:

  • I took sooooo many photos while in the UK. I do love taking them though, seeing the world through my lens… 🙂 I posted the majority of them on my Facebook page if you want to check out more. And here are some selected few from the many.
  • Caught a glimpse of the sun setting through the London Eye while walking…
  • Alice and I stopped for a quick snap with Big Ben in the background. That clock is tall, and it was fun trying to figure out how we would do that shot! And it’s still not the best, with the wire above the clock and the sun behind us, heavy sigh…
  • One of the fascinating things about the UK is places like Edinburgh Castle, which was built in 1103 AD. That’s old! Built on a dormant volcano. You can see a glimpse of it between the buildings below. 
  • I had to put a pic of Emma in here. While we were away, her dog sitter was having fun with one of her favorite things to do – look out the window and bark. I love how she only gave her a small opening.  Notice her frog-dog stance. 🙂 
  • Alice and Shannon are with our favorite Beefeater (or Yeomen), Wayne. He told us of his tales of living in DC and working for the British government. Did you know that all Beefeaters have to have been in His Majesty’s service for at least 22 years before applying for a post at the Tower of London?  

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