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Upon reflection… what connects us

Today is such an incredibly historic day on so many levels. It’s inauguration day for the next President of the U.S. – Joe Biden. Plus, the first woman of color and biracial descent to be the Vice President – Kamala Harris.

I’ve watched and read so much about the day. I wanted this email to be a little different.

I got up early to watch all the inaugural festivities, which, to be honest, I’ve not ever done before. Well, the last one, let’s just say, “he was not my president.” Plus, I think I was traveling that day. 

And before that, I caught glimpses of Obama’s, yet I was working and never took the time to be present and just sit and watch.

This early morning, I went downstairs, grabbed the coffee Ally had made me,  and we sat on the sofa so that we could watch this historic moment together. (I’m in CA, so it was morning for us.) 

It was a moment that I hope inspires all girls of any race, creed or part of the LGBT community that they can turn their dreams of being the president or vice president into reality.

Sitting there watching the whole pomp and circumstance of customs, traditions, flags, and the soldiers, senators, distinguished guests, family members, and clergy, I felt so proud to call myself an American, as corny as that may sound.

I love how this country is steeped in traditions and things we call sacred and paying tribute to the Unknown Soldier’s tomb, and how past presidents gather, albeit one whom I’m glad, exited stage left in what seemed like a cowardly fashion. 

It’s these traditions, like the Constitution, that we hold as sacred truths. It’s what binds our country together in union, in faith, and ultimately in love and connection.

It was so inspiring, watching how this all beautifully unfolded and all the planning that surely took a toll on all involved with added layers and layers of security reminded me that miracles could happen when like-minded people come together.

And instead of looking at what divides us, how different our lens is when we look at what connects and binds us together.

This is my hope for you reading this – please know in your work and life, you’re not alone. Whatever your faith, values, spiritual traditions, we’re all connected and in this life together. 

That’s my belief. We can reach across the aisle, make amends, and find common ground and maybe even peace with our adversaries.

We are so much more when we come together than we are when standing alone. 

It reminds me of a well-known quote about the number one – it truly is the loneliest number.

Taking some lessons from today’s connected experience – I hope they inspire you to implement some in your life and/or business:

  1. Stories Create Connection and Inspire – President Lincoln was mentioned in speeches today about how he gave his inauguration speech while the Capital dome was still being built. What a great story.
  2. Quote Well-Known People – Those you value and admire, and when you do, they can move mountains. 
  3. Talk to People like You’re having a Cup of Coffee – Speak to me like we’re sitting across the kitchen table drinking coffee. I want to feel like you’re talking directly to me.
  4. Be Honest and Tell it Like It Is – Having integrity and telling the truth is a lost art. The big reveal is – the more honest and human you are, the more you will be admired. Try it!
  5. Traditions and Rituals Can Create and Heal – Create some traditions or rituals in your work and/or life. And when you do them consistently, they can create and inspire all kinds of things for you, including inspiring others.
  6. Building a Team/Members of Like-Minded People – Whether you’re building an internal team for your business or building a coaching group or membership, attracting like-minded people who share your values is an opportunity for tremendous growth for everyone involved. 

Today I have so much hope for us that I know we’re in it together for the future and whatever comes next.

P.S. Some cool trivia – today’s date is a palindrome – the same date forward as it is backward—just a fun little fact.

More fun palindrome facts from my CNN –
“Today marks the beginning of a slew of palindrome dates, which are dates that can be read the same forward and backward.

For 10 consecutive days, from 1/20/21 to 1/29/21, the dates are mirrored. And, according to the Farmers’ Almanac, this is the first palindrome-number Inauguration Day, with the next one occurring in 1,000 years on January 20, 3021.

Later this year, we’ll have even more palindrome dates — beginning with 12/1/21 and going until 12/9/21.”

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