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When you find your head spinning…

I remember when I first started my own business fifteen years ago, and I was torn in SO MANY directions. It was a bit nutty. And I was a bit of a mess.

The stress level was pretty much through the roof, and I was pretty exhausted.

There’s so much to do when you start a business.

Questions like – Do I register with the Federal government and get a federal ID# (This is what you need to do in the states) or just be a solopreneur. How do I get new clients? Or how do I sell my stuff and make money fast?

It’s quite endless.

Then there was the big question – do I need a logo? How do I get one created? What about business cards? Do I need a website?

The questions and stress levels just increased.

Thank goodness I had the most amazing coach and mentor in the world. Truly he was a gift. I’d known him for 10 years. We had worked together in corporate.

I’ve talked about him before – Rob Berkley. A masterful coach who died way too young.

(This is us below at a Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle Event.)

When I would go off “spinning” with all these questions and increasing my stress, he would listen to me, and he was so good at that. You know how certain people you can tell just listen with their whole body? Yeah, he was like that.

Then he would say – “Shannon, I know it’s scary starting your own business. I’m here for you, and I’m gonna help. What’s one small, simple step you can do right now?”

Whenever he asked me that question, my whole body just took a big heavy sigh and I realized that I need to break what I was doing down into small easily achievable pieces.

When I was stuck again, we’d talk once more. He would then gently share with me that all the things I think I needed before I could start my business, I really didn’t need at all. 🙂

I could start taking clients at that moment, without a website or business card. All I needed was to have the confidence, skills and desire to learn. Then by working with him, he’d help me grow my business.

And that’s how I started. By working, traveling to events with him, he introduced me to so many people. That’s how I got my first break to work with some top marketers back in 2007.

So when my clients come to me today and share with me their frustrations and what they are stressed about – like –

“Do I have to be on the Clubhouse app now too?”

“How can I possibly post on all social media and get work done?”

“Can I just post on Instagram and not anywhere else?”

“Do I need to get ads on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn?

First, I do my damndest to channel Rob. I ask questions and then I listen.

And usually when I get these types of questions, the ones where they’re agitated and really not sure what they need to grow their business in that moment – I know it’s time to go back to their mission, vision and who they want to serve.

When creating a successful business, the real answer is not about those tactics like needing a website, business card or being everywhere on social media. It’s just not. Yeah, you eventually need them. Yet, you don’t have to stress over them or have them done all at once.

In my experience, the best thing to do when you’re stressing…

Sit quietly for a moment – Reconnect to why you’re in business in the first place.

Revisit your core mission and vision – Refocus on what you love to do when it comes building your business. Is it writing, speaking, doing videos? Once you figure that out, pick one. (And you could also outsource all the rest!)

One Small Step – Think about that one small step that you can do today to just be that much closer to realizing your goal. Remember it’s a small step.

Connections – When it comes to your business – your connections are huge leverage. Again, that’s how I grew my business fast. Make a list of 10 folks you know and haven’t talked with in a while. Then reach out and reconnect with them and share what you’re up to. Check out this article and it will help you greatly!

Start simple – focus on one goal and what’s one small step you can do right now? GO!

You got this!

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