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Are you a positive energizer?

Have you ever heard of a positive energizer?

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and researching about positivity for a client.

When I came across this term – “Positive Energizer.”

It was really interesting stuff and I wanted to share because…

In the early part of my life, I spent it being incredibly negative because that’s all I knew how to be. I had no idea there was another way to live and that my mindset mattered.

It wasn’t until I hired an executive coach that I discovered there was another way of being.

That I had a choice to stay in a negative thinking mind or do a significant shift and start looking for the positive and what I’m grateful for.

When I started doing this, it opened up tremendous opportunities and worlds for me.

The more I researched these past few weeks, I found some interesting studies and one was about positive energizers. It talked about the power and impact that positive energizers have in organizations as opposed to energy drainers.

A positive energizer is what it sounds like – someone that’s 75% or more focused on the positive in all aspects of their lives.

When it comes to work, here are some common traits of positive energizers:

  • Are high performers
  • Bring out the best performance in those around them
  • Take action more often on their ideas
  • Attract ideal like-minded people to work with them.

So why is it that these people are so energizing and impactful to organizations?

Researchers at Cross and Parker (2004) Attributed it to 5 dimensions. Positive energizers brought the perfect amounts of these dimensions to their connection and communication with others:

  1. Have a common goal to focus on
  2. Give meaningful contribution to the team and organization
  3. Be fully present and engaged
  4. Focus on progress
  5. A belief that they can achieve their goals

Then I came across this concept of the Power of Positivity when I watched Dr. Kim Cameron’s TedX Talk about the Heliotropic Effect.

If you haven’t watched his talk – you can watch it here. I’d highly recommend it.


If you’re not familiar with the Heliotropic Effect — Dr. Cameron explains:

“It means that all living systems are inclined to move towards the life-giving light and away from the dark. Think of what happens when you put a plant in the window. Gradually it will lean towards the light. Similarly, complex human systems are attracted to positive energy and away from negative energy.

Human beings can flourish in the light of positive energy. That is where you can find the necessary virtue for any human organization to grow.”

Then Dr. Cameron goes on to say:

“This is confirmed with positive emotions. People who are in a positive situation, who are compassionate and generous, don’t get sick as often as people who have an angry state of mind.”

I just love this explanation!

Are you with me?

Your state of mind MATTERS.

Let’s all join together and focus on more positivity.

An excellent place to start when you find yourself down is to simply make a list of at least three things (or more) that you’re grateful for.

It could be something really simple like the roof over your head or your cozy bed. It’s impossible to feel anything else when you’re in that feeling of being grateful.

More positivity is coming your way!

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