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Chipping Away Your Barriers to Success

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Core Article: Chipping Away Your Barriers to Success  

Cool Stuff: How does the world’s largest cruise ship feed 10k people?

AI Info & Resources: What the Media Gets Wrong About AI

Chipping Away Your Barriers to Success  

What if you were taking a class I offered and were going to get a grade after you completed it?

When I started the class, I announced that everyone started with A. 

All you needed to do was complete the exercise and what was on the syllabus, and you’d get an A.

  • What would you think about that?
  • How would you feel about it?
  • Would it ease your stress and anxiety?
  • Would you take greater risks?
  • What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

What possibilities would it open up for you, knowing you got an A before you even started the class?

This was one of my favorite parts of the book, The Art of Possibility, by Rosamond Stone-Zander and Benjamin Zander.

Benjamin Zander actually did this with his class of talented musicians. And what he found was some pretty amazing and inspiring stuff.

These musicians took more risks, were more adventurous, and came out of their shells. Knowing they already had an A allowed them to explore in ways they never thought possible. It also helped relieve tremendous stress, knowing they already had the grade they wanted.

That was one of the biggest reasons Zander did this, he wanted to get rid of students’ chronic state of anxiety over the measuring of their performances. He wanted his musicians to take risks and he felt like their anxiety was always holding them back from their potential. And he was right.

What I loved about this was his philosophy of what the role of the teacher is— he compared it to Michael Angelo, who said that inside every stone or marble is a beautiful statue. He just needed to remove the excess stone so it would come out. I love this beautiful visual and shift in perspective.

Much like the teacher’s role which is to chip away at the student’s obstacles and help them remove their barriers so they can reach their full potential. It’s about growth, development, and shifting our perspective to possibilities.

This is pretty groundbreaking. 

Imagine if you shift your perspective about your role, whether as an entrepreneur, coach, parent, teacher, leader, expert, spouse, or friend, by the difference you make in clearing out other’s obstacles. 

Envision yourself as the one who removes barriers for those you work with and are in your life, enabling them to reach their full potential and enrich their lives. 

So back to that A— you have it for running your business, in your job, or in your role in life. 

It’s like that quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that I love – “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

So, what’s in your way of keeping that A to create an amazingly successful business and life?

And how can I help you remove your obstacle so you can reach your full potential in your business and your life?

Some Ideas of How I Can Help: 

  • Show you how to create and align your mission and values with your business. 
  • Guide you to create compelling and authentic copy. 
  • Help you define your dream clients, clarify your juicy offers, map out your authentic marketing path to success, and more.) so you can reach your full potential in your business and your life.

Send me a note. I really want to know. 

And/or Jump on a complimentary call with me.

My goal for you on this call is to give you at least 3 things that you can use to make a bigger impact in your business or your life. 

Try me. 🙂 

Happy Mid-March – whoah, spring will be here soon enough. And old man, winter didn’t bring any snow this year, just buckets and buckets of rain. And Happy St. Patrick’s Day this weekend to you – being half Irish, we always have to wear a wee bit of green on that day. 🙂

Inspiring Quote I’m Pondering:

”People are telling us what they care about, and it isn’t our products. It’s their journey, their story, the meaning they want to create in their lives.” ~ Bernadette Jiwa, Difference: The One Page Method For Reimagining Your Business and Reinventing Your Marketing

Powerful Affirmations to Inspire:

“Every action I take moves me closer to my business goals, and I trust the process”. (Adapted from the concepts of trust and surrender in Michael Singer’s works)

“I possess the creativity, determination, and expertise to overcome any challenge.” (Inspired by Napoleon Hill.) 

Weekly Scavenger Hunt:

Heart rocks are everywhere I turn on during my hikes this past week. I shared a picture below. 🙂

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Weekly Photos:

  • The very cool white heart-shaped rock I mentioned earlier. She came home with me. 🙂
  • Emma is a hiking dog who also loves to swim!
  • Some angry clouds over Shasta Bali
  • A funny outtake photo from the wedding – not sure what I was laughing at.
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