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Put Your Ass Where Your Soul Wants to be…

Been doing some soul-searching, reading, and connecting lately…

That’s the gift of taking time out for me – and I’d highly encourage it. 🙂

It’s given me a better and even more interesting perspective of where my adventures in business will continue to lead and take me moving forward…

No big surprise – it led me to this book – Put Your Ass Where Your HEART Wants to Be by Steven Pressfield. (Thanks to a wonderful new accountability partner.)

He also wrote a classic for creatives – The War of Art. A different take on The Art of War by Sun Zhu.

And I borrowed part of this for the subject of this blog post and exchanged the word “HEART” with “SOUL.”

I realized I haven’t written a lot about the soul, and heck that’s the name of my business – Soulful Marketing!

When I read Pressfield’s book it was like hundreds of lightbulbs going off at once in my head.

It’s an easy read (138 pages) because it’s written like short essays in eight sections he calls “books.”

Book One – Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants to Be

Book Two – Ass = Commitment

Book Three – Put Your Ass Over The Long Haul

Book Four – Put Your Ass In A SpaceBook Five – Fortune Favors The Bold

Book Six – Put Your Ass… And Keep It There

Book Seven – Put Your Ass Out There In Public

Book Eight – Put Your Ass In The Spiritual Plane

What hit home for me in this book, besides the obvious was in Book Eight – Put Your Ass In The Spiritual Plane.

I need to stop procrastinating on my life’s work and get my ass more aligned with my heart and keep doing what I’m called to do on this planet…

I’ve often wondered why it’s so easy for me to write. How my ideas and things just “come to me.”

You know what I mean – you’re sitting there and all of a sudden something pops into your head. I’m not talking about thinking. I’m talking about the stuff that just “appears in your consciousness.”

This happens a lot when I’m working with clients, and some amazing things happen.

I often call it intuition and having this inner knowing and connection.

And it’s true, yet, Pressfield takes it to an interesting place and I wanted to share this with you.

In recovery, that intuition or voice of inspiration is called a “Higher Power,” or some call it God, or whatever word you are comfortable with…

In Pressfields’ book, he calls it a “Higher Dimension.” He says it’s a “sphere of reality that exists above the material plane…that permeates and interacts with this plane.”

I remember listening to Wayne Dyer speak at a conference once and how he always woke up between 3 and 4 a.m. and went to his writing desk and basically transcribed his books from the “higher dimension.”

Much has been written about this – such as – where did “War and Peace” come from? (Or other great authors’ and artists’ works.)

Many authors and creatives have written about how not only does the idea “come to them,” it “seizes them,” and they can’t do anything else. They simply have to write, paint, and create.

This can also be said for many things in this world, from Thomas Edison’s inventions to Albert Einstein and many creations, inventions, and art today.

The biggest challenge as an entrepreneur, no matter what your profession, is how to access “that place” where our ideas come from.

What I’ve found is the toughest part is getting the ego out of the way. As Pressfield shares, and I also believe – the ego only thinks in this physical plane.

It’s awesome to take care of your daily life, from paying bills, taxes, planning, and more. (Your left brain stuff.) Yet its main modus operandi is fear. Its total job is to keep you safe from harm.

Yet, your higher self’s job is focused on love and connecting to your higher dimension. It understands it inhabits a body, yet it’s not bound to it. It also contains the unconscious.

Dreams, Intuition, Ideas, and Inspiration – all come from your higher self.

Your goal, if you choose to accept it, is to change your center of being (of living) from your ego to your higher self and connect to your higher dimension.

How do you put this into action?

1. Have a daily practice where you get quiet and connect to your higher dimension (or higher power) through meditation, yoga, etc.

2. Understand that making that shift of living from your higher self will change your priorities and be willing to look at your life differently.

3. Access your courage and be ok with your fear, yet don’t let it run your life any longer.

4. Look at your current life and ask important and hard questions such as –
Am I doing what inspires me, or am I doing this just for the money?
Am I living in a city that supports my life’s work?
Is it time to change up my hair or start working out? (I made the decision to just go grey.)
What’s going on with my wardrobe? Is it time for a change?
Do I need to change up my sleep and go to bed earlier and get up earlier?

5. Look closely at your business and your offers, and how you’re marketing. Does it feel in alignment with your higher self? (You don’t have to sell your soul to make money!) You may want to make some changes and decisions that will help transform more lives. And you may even decide to invest in tools, communities, and resources that will help guide you.

6. Move past your fear and make changes in your life to support your higher self and its gifts and what you are meant to do on this planet.

7. If needed, look to others for support, guidance, and encouragement along the way.

The biggest lesson for me from this book was how I want to be more conscious of living more from my higher self and accessing my higher dimension.

Plus, I want to continue to be focused and make decisions based on my gifts AND to continually address my fear and NOT let it stop me from sharing my gifts.

This has been a tough one for me lately.

Know, you have many gifts that you came to this planet to share.

Start living your life from your higher self, and as Susan Jeffer’s book taught me Feel the Fear, and Do It Anyway!

And I’d love to hear what your biggest takeaway is!

If you’re looking for a like-minded community that will help guide you – my Soulful Marketing & Launch Accelerator Program might be a good fit. Reach out for more info.

More to come!

Lots of thunderstorms this week. Feels a bit like whiplash – going from 115 degrees to a mere high of 70 degrees and pouring rain.

Below, are some choice shots from our Carmel Adventure. (Point Lobos, Carmel Beach, and sunset at the hotel.) Nothing like being near the Pacific Ocean to help inspire and create.
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