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Something a bit off the beaten path than my usual blogs…

Each week when I sit down to write my weekly eNewletter, the idea usually just comes to me at that moment. I LOVE my intuition and connection with my inner writing and marketing guide.

Yet, I often wonder when you get this each week if you’re a bit disappointed that I’m not giving you enough about marketing, launching, and making money… (If you have thoughts on this – hit reply, I’d love to hear what you think.)

Especially when I write an email like today’s – Something a bit off the beaten path and it’s a bit of a long story. So tuck in, or save and read later.

Before I get to my story… I want you to know…

I’m taking a little bit of a leap because you may decide after reading this to unsubscribe from my eNewsletter list.

To which I say – If I’m not your cup of tea, that’s totally cool – I get it.

Each week my focus for this eNewsletter is about one of these three things – marketing (including launches), mindset, and messaging.

This email is filed under the category of mindset and magic. 🙂

What I’m talking about is when things happen that you just can’t explain. (No, not UFOs, Bigfoot, or pulling rabbits out of a hat.)

It’s more than my interesting phenomenon of always finding things I’ve lost. (And helping others.)

To date, I’m batting 100% of finding all the things I’ve lost – to a bracelet I lost over a year ago that I found last month. (That was a crazy story, and I don’t want this email to be even longer!)

And then, two days ago, when I found the winter glove that I lost last week on a trail. I had no clue where on the 3-mile trail I’d lost it.

As I approached that muddy wet trail, something inside me said, “just walk a bit down the trail. You’ll see.” And yep, sure enough – there was my dirty, soggy wet glove, lying in the middle of the rocky trail, waiting for me to find it.

Now let me share with you the closest example I’ve ever had of accessing something from the “ether” (universal mind or higher consciousness) that I simply can’t explain.

I am sharing it in the hopes of inspiring you. I’ve talked about intuition before, and I believe we can ALL do this with a little practice and even be inspired by reading a book on intuition.

Here’s my story –

It was the summer of 2004…

The sound of pounding rain on the car’s roof was so loud it interrupted my thoughts. It almost made me forget the loud thumping of my heart.

I was doing my best not to panic – running through the list in my head. We’re safe inside the car. Even though it’s completely dark outside, we’re parked in front of the locked gate to the state park. We’re not in any danger.

Yet, we are in the middle of nowhere.

Yet, I was still faced with tremendous fear because I couldn’t get in the gate. The bottom lock was broken. The only key I had wasn’t going to work. And there was no other way in.

My partner’s summer home was inside that locked gate out of reach. I seriously didn’t want me and my 7-year-old stepson to have to sleep in the car. The nearest hotel was at least an hour or more away.

Plus, I didn’t want my partner at the time to panic because I failed the first step of coming up to her summer home in Maine without her. She was coming a few days later.

I decided to call my partner’s cousin and find out if they could help. (They live in the house next door – beyond the locked gate.) They were already in bed and asked me many questions that required me to go outside in the dark with the rain pounding down on me. The only light was from my car headlights, so I could kind of see.

They said there was another lock on the top of the gate that required a code. (I didn’t see it on my short excursion to the gate.) Yet, they couldn’t remember it. They’d have to call me back.

This wouldn’t have been a big deal, except it was pretty late, and the state park owns the gate and the lock. So we didn’t want to be fined for breaking it.

I went back inside the car, sopping wet, and closed my eyes. I was exhausted from the 7-hour drive up from New Jersey and simply beside myself. With this 7-year-old on the verge of tears, thinking we’d have to sleep in the car.

I was feeling all sorts of things, and none were helpful.

That’s when I decided to do something different. Desperate times… I called on my inner guidance (aka guardian angel) for help. Maybe not something most people would do in this situation. Thank goodness I’m not like most people. 🙂

I desperately wanted that code. It was late. We needed to get to the house to unpack and sleep in our warm cozy, dry beds.

As I sat there for several minutes with my eyes closed – something happened – four numbers simply came to me – 1965.

I don’t know how. I didn’t inquire any further. I simply opened the car door and went into the torrential rain yet again. Thinking that I must be nuts.

I fumbled around in the dark to find the second lock wedged on top of the gate. The lock was a combination of four numbers. Holy crap. While putting those four numbers in, I fully expected them to be wrong and already thinking about other measures.

When I heard the lock click, I almost fainted. “Are you kidding me?!” I said to myself. Yes, it totally worked! Those numbers that just came to me out of the ether just opened the lock!

Wow. I was floored and elated at the same time. I just couldn’t believe it…

I opened the state park gate, got the car through, relocked it, and my stepson and I were on our way to the house, soon to be in our toasty warm, dry beds.

This happened to me when I got quiet, breathed, and listened to my inner wisdom – intuition – my guides, or whatever you choose to call it.

And this wasn’t the only time something like this had happened. I have more stories…

This is when the real magic happens – when you simply get out of your head. And not let your fear get in the way of “your magic.” 🙂

I have countless clients who always ask me for guidance on what to do next.

My reply is always –

“There are many things you can do. I’m happy to give them to you and tell you what I think. Yet the truth is — it’s not going to matter. What really matters is what resonates with you and what next step you are called to take. I’m here to guide you and share my expertise and experience. The choices are always yours.”

This is the importance of getting out of your thinking brain and getting into your connection to your higher wisdom.

These steps below will help – get quiet enough to go within and silence your thoughts.

1. Close your eyes.

2. Breathe deeply in and then breathe out two or three times. (You can even tense up your body on the in-breath and relax it on the out-breath.)

3. Feel your body relax fully.

4. Then ask yourself the question and wait for that still, small voice to reply. It will, I promise.

It may take a few times to do this before you get a reply. Keep at it.

And for more about accessing your intuition – here are some of my past blog posts:

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I am curious what you think about this email – Would love your thoughts – please hit reply – many thanks in advance. 🙂

Quote I’m Pondering:
“A question not asked is a door not opened.” ~ Marilee Adams, Change Your Questions, Change Your Life.

What I’m Reading:
Two Weeks Notice by Amy Porterfield
It’s Not Your Money by Tosha Silver

Latest Book Review:
Change Your Questions, Change Your Life by Marilee Adams

Weekly Photos: Last week, we went to our dear friend’s wedding down in San Jose. Alice was the “best woman” and honorary mom to one of the brides. My role was the behind-the-scenes photographer. One of the many pics I took was of this rainbow-sprinkled donut! OMG best donut I’ve had in a while. They had a wall of rainbow sprinkle donuts. Then there’s the beautiful sunset after the wedding.

Before we headed back to Northern CA, Alice and I went on a tour of the Winchester Mystery House. I’d HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a fascinating and bizarre mansion built by the troubled heir to the Winchester gun fortune – the late Sarah Winchester, widow of William Winchester. This house is definitely a mystery. The house has 2,000 doors and 10,000 windows. Then there are the many staircases to nowhere. Oh, and her seance room. Next time we’re going to do the “Walk with Spirits” tour. 🙂
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