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It’s time to team up – Are you ready?

Before You Dive In – Some Highlights For You:

Core Article: Teaming Up – Go Nike & Dove!

Cool Stuff: Happy Leap Year – Feb 29 only comes around every three years. Here’s why…

More Cool Stuff: Along with an oldy but goody—Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone in 2007 (It’s the original video. Kinda of cool. In a back-to-the-future kind of way!)

AI Info & Resources: You asked for it — More Prompts and advanced ways to use AI

It’s Time to Team Up – Are You Ready?

Back in December, Nike and Dove teamed up to launch the “Body Sport Confident” program. Its mission is to support girl’s confidence in sports. What a cool idea and one that’s so needed.

And the two biggest brands out there, both with their focus on their mission, values, and purpose, doing good for girls and sports.

One thing I so love that they stand for is inclusion, confidence, and the sheer joy of sports. Now, they’ve come together to empower young women to lead by fostering confidence on and off the field.

This is a masterclass in partnership with purpose. It teaches that collaboration can amplify your impact and help you extend your reach, and the biggest thing is that it can touch lives.

You might be thinking right now, “Yeah, that’s great for Nike and Dove. They’re huge mega brands. I’m not them. How could this ever apply to me and my business?”

Yep, I’m right there with you!

And here are some intriguing ideas for your brain to marinate over… This can be on a nonprofit project, or you can create something more impactful for a market you share with another like-minded expert. 

That’s my favorite: collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs and creating some impactful programs and courses together. 

Step 1: Identify Your Core Values and Mission & Make a List – Yeah, I’m talking about this a lot – AND it’s because it’s SO important. I’m creating some exercises on how to do this easily – hit me up if you’re interested in seeing them. I’m looking for some folks to test it out for me. You can also check out this article from the blog too.
Make a list of all the values, beliefs, and ideals you want in this partner. Here’s an example –“I want someone who agrees that relationships come first, money second. They are wicked smart, funny, and passionate about their work and what they do…”(An aside, this could also work to find your ideal romantic partner too!)

Step 2: Do Some Research on Potential Partners – Make a list of businesses, entrepreneurs, experts that share similar mission and values. Go out to the groups you’re in, and search Google and social media for people who are doing similar things that would complement your businesses. Ask your colleagues and friends.

Step 3: Evaluate Your List – Do A Reach Out – Now it’s time to reach out to these folks. What I’d recommend is to look at the six degrees of separation. Go out to colleagues and groups and ask if anyone can help you make a connection to anyone on your list. Set up some meetings, virtual or in person, whatever makes sense.

Step 4: Co-Create a Project Idea & Plan It – Once you’ve found the right partner, then do some brainstorming of your strengths and weaknesses, shared goals, experience, and more. Next, map out some projects that address your mutual mission and values that you both can contribute to create something incredibly meaningful. Then, create your plan of how you want to get it out into the world together.

Step 5: Marketing – Launch, Measure, and Scale It – This is where the rubber meets the road. After creating a clear project plan, then you need to create a clear marketing launch plan for your mutual success. This is a whole course I can teach! The brief version is – don’t overwrite. Test out your ideas first before spending tons of hours and dollars. Noah Kagan wrote Million Dollar Weekend. It’s a fascinating read – how he tests out his ideas – if he doesn’t get at least 3 paying customers in 48 hours, it’s not a solid idea. Check out the 4-Minute Book Summary video if you’re interested in more.

Your ultimate goal is to build a lasting partnership that will amplify your joint mission and values and make a bigger impact together with your shared goals.

I’ve partnered up on many projects, and they’ve been the most fascinating and fun things I’ve ever done. As well as meeting and creating some wonderful partnerships.

Happy Partnering!

Holy moly, it’s gonna be March tomorrow. Where has the winter gone?! – Too fast, I’m thinking. The leprechauns are coming, maybe to a yard near you!

Quote I’m Pondering: 

“The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away” ~ David Viscott. 

Powerful Affirmations to Inspire:

May I always trust the Divine flow. may I always know there is enough. Change me into one who always trusts you. Change me into one who feels worthy to open up to true abundance. ~ Tosha Silver

Weekly Earworm: 

I can see clearly how the rain is gone…I can see all the obstacles in my way…. (Yep, it’s stopped raining here for a record 4 days – woohoo!)

Weekly Scavenger Hunt:

On my walks and travel, I managed to find several heart shaped rocks (See the photo below.) and a dime.

Cool Stuff:  

  • Today is Feb 29, and it only comes around every three years… When you think about it, it’s kind of bizarre. We call it a Leap Year, and it’s how we handle all those extra leftover hours that equal an extra day every 3 years. That’s the extent of my knowledge.  If you want to know more, a cool Smithsonian article will give you much more that you might want to know. 😉
  • Amazon is Still perfecting its bookselling, and physical books still far outsell ebooks and audiobooks.  Yeah, we already knew that – book readers am I right?!
  • This is a classic – check out Steve Jobs introducing the iPhone in 2007 – I just love this video – talk about great marketing… And wow, look how much the iPhone has changed in 17 years!

AI Info & Resources: 

Weekly Photos:

  • Oh, what fun we had in the car for our rides. What is it with dogs loving to be in the car and hanging their head out the window?! Pure fun for them.
  • Big storms this past week – the skies were pretty angry – kind of cool, and the rain was oh so loud.
  • Heart rocks and sunsets wherever we look…
  • And nothing beats that snowy trail in Teton National Park in Jackson, WY – love that view of the trees hugging the road and speeding through it on snowmobile – wheeee – just magic….
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