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In a world of algorithms, hashtags, and followers…

So many things have been swirling through my head since I got back from our trip to Jackson, WY. 

Being away and realizing my age (as referenced after our snowmobile tour when I was so tired afterward that Alice and I barely made it through my birthday dinner!) has stirred a lot up from my past and things I’d forgotten… 

After I got home, I spent the holiday weekend going through some of my old writing and photos in hopes of inspiring me to organize.

What I found interesting was how many quotes I had collected over the years. And this was before personal computers, so I either wrote them by hand or xeroxed them. These quotes resonated with me then and spoke of success, love, loss, friendship, and more.

One quote, in particular, stood out to me, not just for its imagery—for its message: (Back then I was an avid photographer for some publications, always trying to capture moments to remember.)

“Life consists of moments which are gifts that you can pick up and hang like pearls around your neck. But no one will hand them to you. You have to supply the string in order to hang them to yourself.”

~ Merle Shain

However, the writer in me craved a more personal and engaging touch, leading me to adapt it for a photojournalism project:

“Life is a collection of millions of moments. Some so special and meaningful, they’re like precious pearls strung together that we clasp tightly to, creating a string of indelible memories to cherish.”

~ Shannon McCaffery

This journey down memory lane wasn’t just about quotes and the past. It’s about how to create more engagement and connection with fellow humans…

It reminded me how my passions and interests have shaped my path over the decades—from journalism and publishing to now leading a marketing agency dedicated to empowering mindful, purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

In the spirit of connection, I’m curious about your story. Have you ever taken a trip down memory lane and revel in how you got to this place?

How did you arrive at this point in your entrepreneurial journey? Are you fulfilled? Facing challenges? How can I help? 🙂

My mission, as always, is to support you, connecting with your mind, values, mission, and heart and guiding you toward the success you envision for your business that you so deserve.

In this world dominated by algorithms, hashtags, and followers…, I want you to remember something crucial: Soulful Marketing at its core, is all about engaging and human connection

To create the success you deserve, reach out to your dream clients simply as a fellow human being.

To inspire you, here are four simple and profound steps to create genuine connections with your dream clients:

  1. Embrace Transparency: Avoid gimmicky tactics. Be honest about your strategies. Don’t use fake deadlines and cheesy tactics to get people to buy. Simply tell them why you’re using the strategies, and be real with them. For example, Using a countdown timer to get them to buy now – under the timer, simply say: “Yep, I’m using a timer – cheesy maybe. And without this gentle nudge, it’s so easy to procrastinate. I’m here to ensure you don’t miss out. If my offer speaks to you, why wait? Just get it.”
  2. Engage Deeply: Authentic interactions leave lasting memories. That’s the power of genuine connection. People remember those who’ve touched them, gone out of their way, and connected with them. This is actually at the heart of your memories. Think of one of your favorite memories. You remember it because you felt something; the emotions tied to it are what make it unforgettable
  3. Build a Community, Not Just a List: Focus on gathering like-minded individuals who share your values, not just potential buyers. This approach isn’t just about numbers; it’s about creating a space where authentic connections thrive. Aligning with your heart and head will show you the most authentic way to create your success.
  4. Define and integrate Your Core Values Into Your Marketing Strategy:  This essence of Soulful Marketing can transform your business, aligning your mission with your actions, where true magic unfolds. For more insights into living and working aligned with your values, check out my previous email: Aligning Your Work & Life with Your Deepest Values.

Here’s to marketing with soul, authenticity, and genuine human connection.

Happy mid-February – with the weather so wet here, our lakes and rivers are overflowing with no droughts in site. We’ve been lucky in Northern CA with lots of rain, and because we’re in the mountains, there has been no real flooding for us. Just lots of wet grass and big puddles to jump in!

Paragraph I’m Pondering: 

  • “Before we turn pro, our life is dominated by fear and resistance. We live in a state of denial. We’re denying the voices in our heads. We’re denying our calling. Or denying who we really are. We are fleeing from our fear into an addiction or a shadow career. What changes when we turn pro is we stop fleeing.” ~ Steven Pressfield, Turning Pro: Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life’s Work 

Powerful Affirmations to Inspire:

  • “I now release my masterpiece to my higher self knowing that she will make any necessary adjustments to improve the picture, in order that I may receive all the good of the universe has for me now.” ~John Randolph Price
  • “I am not content with just getting by. I choose the total freedom of lavish abundance.” ~ John Randolph Price

Cool Stuff:  

AI Info & Resources: 

  • OpenAI’s new video capability – Sora Creating videos from Text. It’s a whole new world. (OpenAI is the creator of ChatGPT.)
  • There’s no such thing as being late to the AI party.
  • 5 Tips to improve your ChatGPT responses

Weekly Photos:

Soooo much fun in the winter wonderland that’s Jackson, WY—just wow! Below are some of my favorite pics from our adventures. 

  1. Alice and I went on an all-day snowmobiling adventure while it was snowing. We rode up to 9,600 feet in elevation. 
  2. Then we had a wonderful snowshoeing adventure, where neither of us fell down! (According to our guide, many other adventurers have fallen.) 
  3. Always some fun signs to capture. That’s a first – “Whoa!” (only in Wyoming.)
  4. Then FINALLY, a glimpse of the Grand Tetons! We didn’t see them the whole time we were there – too many snowstorms. This picture was taken at the airport from the stairs leading up to getting on the plane. Maybe that’s why our plane was delayed—so I could finally see part of the Tetons before we left!
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