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    We Got This! Inspiring Resources to Help With After the Election & Beyond

    Wow, wow, wow, who knew the election of 2016 would go down as an infamous one in our nations’ history?!  This won’t be a bashing of either side of the aisle, as I believe there’s much finger pointing going on already and it truly is not helping. I’m writing this to share a how we totally got this and we need to use this to come together. Because I think this election serves something even bigger and greater.  It’s a huge wake-up call that we can’t keep doing “business as usual” as a nation any longer. When you look back at our history, great change happened because of huge adversity…

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    What’s Really Behind The Movie, The Secret?

    Have you ever seen the movie The Secret?  Well, I had the most absolute pleasure of attending a workshop by the two original people behind The Secret, who never made it into the movie. In fact it was a bit controversial how Rhonda Byrne let them fall onto the cutting room floor.  I found this out by reading a fascinating article in the New York times about them.  I had no idea about how connected they were with the whole law of attraction concept and all the incredible work not to mention all the books they’ve written.  In fact my first taste of the Law of Attraction came from reading…

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