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    How to Quickly and easily read the minds of your prospects

    I used to think it’d be really cool if I had this magical power to read people’s minds. I mean how cool would that be, right?  It certainly would take a lot of guess work out of what I do with my clients!  In fact, one of the main questions I ask my clients is to tell me what keeps their prospects awake at night and what are their prospect’s biggest fears and frustrations. Nine times out of ten they can’t answer this question, which is not out of the ordinary.  One of the biggest things I work on with my clients is honing in on “Who” their ideal client…

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    Your Singing Frog Won’t Make You Rich If Nobody Sees It!

    There’s an old cartoon that taught me an interesting lesson. Odds are, you might have seen it a thousand times, but I bet you’ve never watched it as a learning tool for your business! In the cartoon, a man is down and out on his luck. Then, one eventful day, he finds a frog. But this is no ordinary frog… it can sing and dance! The man immediately sees dollar signs and realizes this little green guy will make him rich! So he rents out a theater and puts a sign in front of the building, saying “SINGING FROG!” Well, nobody comes to watch it. So he thinks for a…

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