Choose Life, Choose a Job, Choose a Family, Choose Your Future…

What do you choose? This title of my blog is actually from a song that I love from the second soundtrack from the movie Trainspotting- called “Choose

Soundtrack 2 From Trainspotting
Soundtrack 2 From Trainspotting

Life” by PF Project. (As an aside this is a great soundtrack, yet the movie was a little disturbing.  Both of these CD’s, if you grew up in the 80’s and have a hankering for the British pop and techno stars of that era like Iggy Pop – you’ll love it!). I started this year with a bang and pulled out full throttle to accomplish my very ambitious goals for the year. This song kept playing in my head, because I had to choose what I wanted out of this year. My last blog started the year with my plan, (check out that post here) I then had to take steps for some action, to make things happen.

Me and Debbie after My Vision Day Birthday Celebration
Me and Debbie after My Vision Day Birthday Celebration

So what I did next was make a decision to do something completely different and inspiring for my birthday. I contacted my Executive Coaches, Rob Berkley and Debbie Phillips to see if it was possible that I could do a Vision Day for my birthday. I thought it was so appropriate to take the day I was born and use that day as a jumping off point to create an amazing year for me.

The awesome news is it was one of the most coolest, fun and productive birthday’s I’d had in a while. Ok, I know some of you may not think that “working” on your birthday would be fun. Yet, being with Rob and Debbie, it’s really not “work” at all. I’ve known them for over 13 year, so

Rob and I in his Porsche off to Corkscrew Swamp
Rob and I in his Porsche off to Corkscrew Swamp

our day went quite quickly. And Rob and I were able to squeeze some time in to take some inspiring photos at the Corkscrew swamp and nature sanctuary with my new Nikon D90. I have a photo I took in this post.

The upshot of my Vision Day Birthday, was I left that day with a wonderful plan all laid out for my business, and plan for my personal life and for my inspiring “hobby” of photography. I’d totally recommend taking some time out to plan out what you want your year to look like, it’s not too late!

My good friend Janet, Me and My Mom eons agon at Mardi Gras
My good friend Janet, Me and My Mom eons ago at Mardi Gras

The month of February is my favorite month of the whole year (and not because it’s my birthday). All sorts of cool things happen in February, it’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans (I grew up there and spent many years celebrating this festive holiday.) It’s many close friends and family members birthdays that I love to celebrate. And it’s s wonderful time for me to give thanks and be very grateful that I was born and have had such amazing experiences in my life that have gotten me to this wonderfully special moment.

Mr. Lizard in Corkscrew Swamp, Naples Florida
Mr. Lizard in Corkscrew Swamp, Naples Florida

Take some time out for you now – choose your life, your family, your future – put your plan together of what you want to accomplish. Make some time for fun, doing things you love, and also take some time to be really grateful for all the wonderful people and things that you have in your life. Choose your future now…


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Discovering 4 Travel Secrets on my Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

Back at home now, I’m writing from my second floor office where the view out of my window is a bit dreary- the rain is back. Yet, as I sit and reflect about my trip to Martha’s Vineyard, it was far from dreary. In fact, I discovered 4 really cool secrets that I wanted to share with you.

Before departing on our trip there’s the usual freneticness that goes along with any kind of travel these days requiring leaving your house for more than a few days. Since the summer is upon us, I know I’m not alone in my quest for sanity amidst the travel. Key for me was trying to figure out what to do with our sweet, adorable, 11 month old Golden Collie- Lily, who’s entwined herself into our hearts forever. (Photo- Here’s Lily hanging on the porch.) When we went to Las Vegas we had put her in the kennel and found out when we got back that she was sad and depressed. So for this next trip I needed to find another option. As things always work as they’re supposed to, our dog walker found us the most incredible dog sitter that would stay with Lily. So my first travel secret was 1) Having Peace of Mind- how much would you pay for peace of mind to take care of your animals, plants and home while you’re away? Well let me tell you, I’m not sure I can put a price on my peace of mind. To me, it was priceless not to have to worry about Lily or our home while being away.

This leads me to my next discovery- 2) Trusting Your Gut- as it turned out, our dog sitter Justin was a godsend. He took great care of Lily. In fact, he walked her for 8 miles each day and then played with her all the time so she was way too tired to chew anything in the house. I’m glad I could trust my gut on this one. (Photo- Lily so tired she fell off her bed!)

Then my next discovery- 3) Taking a Chance- we drove from New Jersey to Wood’s Hole, MA and had a decent idea when we’d get there, depending of course on traffic all along the coast. As it turned out we arrived into Wood’s Hole at 8:20 pm. The ferry was leaving at 8:30pm- what to do? The next and last ferry was leaving at 9:45 pm and we didn’t want to wait. Yet, we were not planning on taking the car and we didn’t have a reservation. (In the summer you need a reservation for your car.) Plus, we didn’t have time to park in the lot, unload our stuff and be able to make the 8:30 pm ferry. So I took a chance. I had nothing to lose- all they could say was no. This was all new to me, trying to take a car on a boat. I simply drove right up to the entrance and asked if we could go standby and the next thing you know- he said there was room for the car and hurry and go buy a ticket. I ran as fast as I could in the terminal, whipped out my Amex Platinum, and had my round trip reservation to Martha’s Vineyard with my car. Wow, that was just the coolest feeling, taking a chance, and having it all work out so splendidly. So we made the 8:30 pm boat and were the lasts ones on. I couldn’t have planned this any better. (Photo- Car Ferry entrance at Wood’s Hole.)

The ferry ride was smooth and easy, and we got to see the beautiful sun disappear along the horizon. This was my son Harrison’s first ferry ride and he totally enjoyed it! (Photo- Sunset from the ferry on the way to MV)

My last discovery on our trip was- 4) Spending Time with Those You Love- this discovery has lots of meaning to me. I never seem to take enough time to be with those I love and make time to share some laughter, food and just hang out and “be with.” Spending time on Martha’s Vineyard with my Executive Coaches and friends- Debbie Phillips & Rob Berkley was doubly wonderful because I was able to bring my family. They’ve never been to MV and I was able to introduce them to all new adventures. Suffice to say we had many moments where we laughed until we cried, ate some inspiring and delicious food, met some other fabulous Islanders, saw some incredible beach and ocean views and had some wonderful adventures. (I even managed to squeeze in attending one of Debbie’s “Women on Fire Tea Party’s”– the first one on MV!) (Photo-Me and Debbie Phillips having breakfast at the MV airport.)

Don’t deprive yourself this summer of these 4 Travel Secrets-

1) Having Peace Of Mind

2) Trusting Your Gut

3) Taking A Chance

4) Spending Time With Those You Love.

I guarantee a steady diet of these 4 travel secrets and we won’t be able to wipe that smile off your face come September- promise! [digg=]

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