3 Proven Strategies to Implement and Get More Done Each Day

My rear end was glued to the TV screen last night watching one by one as those miners in Chile were being pulled out from under all that rock and rubble… It was such an amazing feat of team work, brains, ingenuity and global communication.

So I got to thinking: Well, if they can do this, what’s stopping me from accomplishing all I want to do? And I’m not even trapped in a mine.

I looked back at my long “to do” list of a few things I had planned to do in March and that were supposed to be completed by now and aren’t… All I can say is a big “YIKES!”  The good news is that I have a huge list of what I wanted to accomplish.  So I know I’ve been cranking out a lot of stuff, and I’m thinking maybe my lists are just too ambitious – and too big!  I mean, I am a Marketing Implementer after all, helping entrepreneurs and business owners complete their projects and getting stuff done for them.

So I thought it might be helpful to list 3 proven strategies that I’ve used over the past 20 years that have allowed me to accomplish more each week, each month, etc.  The real truth for me is that the more I accomplish the more success I see and the more I can do to help others succeed.

Here are my 3 Proven Strategies to implement and get more done each day:

  1. Have a routine – This is really big. Having a routine each day is THE one thing that has helped me do more and be more in my life.  I start my day the same way and I have to say it’s had a big impact on my own productivity.  I’ve found a morning routine that has worked for me and a lot of what it’s about is really being able to take care of myself.  Plus being able to know how long I can go without a break. I can work up to 90 minutes on something, but then I need a good 30 minute break. Other people find they work better with a timer and work in 30 minute increments with 15 minute breaks. You have to find out what works best for you.  The real key is, the more I take care of myself, the more I can get accomplished in my business, which leads me to my second strategy.  One of the best programs that my friend and colleague Jeff Walker told me to buy was Eben Pagan’s Wake-Up Productive. I don’t think it’s on the market anymore, but sometimes he puts it back on the market for a little bit in January. It’s a great way to start your year!
  2. Self-care– Taking good care of you is incredibly important.  If you’re tired, hungry, over worked or burnt out you’re not going to be good to anyone.  So your routine and taking care of yourself is really important.  Some good examples are getting enough sleep, getting enough good nutritious food, get enough exercise, having fun, doing things that you love or that bring you joy, taking enough breaks and on an on. Focus on things that give you energy and re-energize you in your work and your life.  If you work too much you will burn out and be no good to anyone. Always take good care of you.
  3. Money-making activities & actions – When planning out my day, the best thing I do is plan it out the night before.  This way I can ensure I will get everything on my list accomplished.  This planning ahead works like a charm, plus it keeps me really focused and laser sharp on what I need to do.  By seeing all my activities and things I need to do I can narrow down THE things that will truly help propel my business forward and in turn be “money-making activities” for me. This is one lesson I learned from Dan Kennedy 4 years ago: constantly be aware of what you’re doing, every minute of the day. Make it a point to stop while doing something and ask yourself, “Is this going to make me money and help propel my business forward?” Another good question to ask is, “Will this activity be better served by having someone else do it for me?” This, of course, I can write a book about – focusing on the activities that are your strengths, not trying to build up your weaknesses.  ALWAYS outsource your weaknesses and keep building on your strengths. I think I got that from Brian Tracy.

Well, that’s exactly how I get more done each day and each week, hence why I’m the Marketing Implementer. It’s a really simple little system that when you practice it everyday and really work at it, I promise, you will get more done and accomplish more each day.

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Back To School Night & Second Chances??

Last night I attended my 11 year old son Harrison’s “Back to School Night.”  He just started 6th grade and it’s his first year in Middle School which is a brand new school for him.  Typically most kids aren’t thrilled about change and starting school.  And starting a new school is always daunting, especially when you don’t know many people.  I remember how much I loathed starting school every fall.  I was extremely quiet and shy (yes-me- shy- go figure!)  It was just so scary, new teachers, new kids, new books, new everything!  Well, I digress… [Photo- Harrison’s 1st day of 6th grade.  You can see how thrilled he is starting a new school. I’m sure my expression was exactly the same- “Awww Mom-why do we have to take this stupid picture anyway?!”]

It’s always been a bit surreal attending these back to school nights because it brings back so much about my own experiences in school.  (And of course when I was done with school- little did I know having a child I’d be thrown back into helping/doing homework once again!) So tonight, Harrison wrote out his class schedule for us and we literally went from class to class (6th grade is the first year they change classes, have lockers, etc.)- hearing from each of his teachers was fascinating and amazing.  To me it was kind of like hearing 8 different sales and marketing pitches- some were more than excellent and some were just so so.

The thing that struck me as we listened to each teacher talk for 15 minutes (of course we got lost trying to find some of his classes and got the tail end of others), things have really changed in learning, thank goodness, since I’ve been in school.  Like in his Language Arts class- they can’t earn extra points by doing more assignments or extra credit.  But what they can do is after they’ve written something, if they’re not satisfied with their grade, they give them second, third and fourth chances.  They can rewrite and revise to get a better grade.  Wow, now that was really cool!  This is something I wished I’d have had in school.

So it got me thinking- this is how I ought to be do my marketing for my business.  Stick with me here.  You see I hold on to things for so long until it’s “perfect.”  Which of course takes a long time to get done.  So what I need to be doing is simply get it done, so it’s good enough- then send it out, or post it, or whatever I need to do with it.  Then at some point I can give myself a second chance.  I can always go back to it and upgrade, or update it to make it even better.  I’d suggest doing this in your business.  Don’t hang on to things forever until “you get it perfect.”  This perfect state may never come and your “thing” will never get done.  Go now and finish a project and send it out, or post it- or just take some action with it.  Don’t wait till it’s “perfect.” Remember, mistakes are only terrific guide posts to get you moving in the right direction!

One last observation of my “back to school” night experience was I thought his science teacher and history teacher get an A+ for their efforts in teaching.  They’re using a new technique called experiential learning.  It focuses on having the kids experience what they’re learning. Like in history they actually build trenches for WWII and reanact this experience, along with many other reanactments.  The reasoning is by experiencing history they will retain and remember it- it works! Wow, now that would have been really cool to do when I was in school.  But hey, maybe this is something you can incorporate into your business.  How can you give your prospects and clients a more experiential experience within your business?  Let’s put our thinking caps on and let me know what you come up with! [Photo- Harrison and I shading ourselves from the sun while enjoying our time on Martha’s Vineyard this past summer. I’m holding our video camera- in addition to marketing, I’m now doing video production! If interested- ask me more about it.] [digg=http://digg.com/educational/Back_To_School_Night_Second_Chances]

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