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    3 Proven Strategies to Implement and Get More Done Each Day

    My rear end was glued to the TV screen last night watching one by one as those miners in Chile were being pulled out from under all that rock and rubble… It was such an amazing feat of team work, brains, ingenuity and global communication. So I got to thinking: Well, if they can do this, what’s stopping me from accomplishing all I want to do? And I’m not even trapped in a mine. I looked back at my long “to do” list of a few things I had planned to do in March and that were supposed to be completed by now and aren’t… All I can say is…

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    Back To School Night & Second Chances??

    You see I hold on to things for so long until it's "perfect." Which of course takes a long time to get done. So what I need to be doing is simply get it done, so it's good enough- then send it out, or post it, or whatever I need to do with it. Then at some point I can give myself a second chance. I can always go back to it and upgrade, or update it to make it even better.

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