What’s Really Behind The Movie, The Secret?

Have you ever seen the movie The Secret?  Well, I had the most absolute pleasure of attending a workshop by the two original people behind The Secret, who never made it into the movie. In fact it was a bit controversial how Rhonda Byrne let them fall onto the cutting room floor.  I found this out by reading a fascinating article in the New York times about them.  I had no idea about how connected they were with the whole law of attraction concept and all the incredible work not to mention all the books they’ve written.  In fact my first taste of the Law of Attraction came from reading Napoleon Hills, Think and Grow Rich, which is a classic that was written in 1936.  I have to admit this whole concept was very new to me over 2 years ago.  I never grew up in an atmosphere where I was taught that anything was possible and to think and be positive.  So I won’t go into my life history, suffice to say these books helped me incredibly and have opened my eyes to a new way of being.

So I thought it would be worth it to shed some light, especially because of of this dim outlook the world seems to have lately.  Before I go any further, I do need you to open your mind on what I’m about to tell you about Esther Hicks.  You see she didn’t write the books, or the teachings behind the Secret.  Esther channels an entity of energy which calls itself Abraham.  And Abraham is the one who’s written all the books and all the teachings of the law of attraction. For some this might be hard to swallow.  This concept of channeling is a bit woo woo and requires you to stretch past your logical mind.  Hence Rhonda didn’t want to take the gamble and their piece wound up on the cutting room floor.

I love new and different things and love to be open about new things. So when I saw they were coming to New York, I went by myself to see their workshop.  It was a simple one day workshop where Esther speaks as Abraham.  The audience members ask tons of questions and Abraham speaks and answers them all. I have to say it was the most fascinating workshop I’ve ever gone to. I learned so much about myself and about others there, it was incredibly worth it.  The gist for me is that I need to pay attention to whatever I’m thinking at all times.  I need to focus on my emotions and feeling good.  When the world is trying to bring me down with doom, gloom and falling stock markets, I focus my attention to things that make me smile like my business and my wonderful clients who I’m enjoying helping make their businesses incredibly successful.

The teachings here to take away from this blog are very simple- to have a more positive outlook on life,- life is an exciting adventure, don’t get caught up in the complaining  mode.  Slow down, be nice, be loving and kind to all of those you meet.  And realize this ONE thing- you can’t control what others think of you, what you can control is NOT to CARE what they think!

So if you want to discover more- check out their latest NY Times Best-Selling book- Money & the Law Of Attraction. It’s a wonderful read and I promise, you won’t be disappointed, in fact, I think you will walk away somewhat enlightened. Let’s all work to shift our own minds and the sheer force of that outlook will most certainly have an impact on the world.

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