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7 Fascinating Discoveries on the Road to Recovery

As I’ve been laid up these past two weeks, can’t walk or drive, and trying to keep up with the frantic pace of my business, I’ve noticed some fascinating discoveries:

1) I’m truly amazed at the human body and how fast it heals after the operation on my foot. (Photo- Here’s my view for the past 2 weeks of my feet 🙂 )

2) I Love my clients, my family, my success team, and my support system- they have been there for me and wonderful while I’m trying to heal. (You know who you are- please accept my eternal gratitude for being in my life.)

3) I was shocked at how rude and ridiculous some people can be towards someone on crutches, and not let that get in the way of my recovery.

4) With lots of time off, I feel thrilled with all of the great new creative ideas that I’ve come up with that will be fruitful for me and for my clients.

5) Exhausted at all the information I’m getting by phone, mail, email and fax! (it’s been fun hobbling to the phone, fax and mailbox!)

6) Happy that I have such a wonderful, loyal, loving puppy-Lily- who’s been at my side every step of my recovery and will not leave me no matter how hard I try to get her to go with the dog walker. (Photo- Lily- very happy I’m laid up because it gives her an excuse to sleep more while she hangs out with me.)

7) Humbled by working with some incredibly talented people who are teaching me just as much as I am teaching them

There’s a ton more things I’ve noticed while I’ve been laid up, but this was my short list. I’d encourage you to take notice and be present throughout your day and start noticing the little things that add up and make your life incredibly fulfilling.

Instead of being mad or upset and acting like a victim because I had to have this operation and be laid up and not drive for 3 weeks, I looked at it as a new, wonderful discovery period for me. I took and am still taking each day as an adventure and trying to simply stay present and focus on my healing and my work. I think when we face these obstacles like a foot injury, a divorce, losing your job, or an accident- if we can ask the question of ourselves- “what am I supposed to learn or discover from this experience?” – we will be in a much better place mentally and even physically. Each obstacle is simply another lesson that we need to learn in life. (Some of this was as a result of finishing reading Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now. I’d highly recommend it.)
We need to use these lessons as stepping stones to grow and help others. So the next time something happens to you that makes you unhappy, frustrated, angry, or sad- try to ask the question and look deeper at the situation as to what you can learn and take away from it, and maybe you can even help others.

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  • mary Jo Ruggieri

    Now, my question to you is how much Polarity Therapy and bodywork did you use to help your wonderful recovery—!!! Think how great you would have felt with a massage/polarity accupressure points to help reduce inflammation etc. Hope you are getting better.

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