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Nothing happens in marketing until something moves…

business-schoolIt’s the beginning of 2009, and all best laid plans are being drawn out now for a fantastic 2009.  For some people they’re fearful, worrisome and pessimistic.  For others, they’re enthusiastic, energized and know as long as they’ve mapped out their plan,  and stick to it, they will achieve all their goals for the year.  Which camp are you in?

I’m in the enthusiastic, can’t wait, this is going to be an awesome year camp!  I know things look bleak in the economy.  Yet,  I can’t focus all my energy on gloom and doom, it won’t help me, my business or the economy.  I need to stay fast, true and focused on growing my business.  I need to stay positive, have a plan, stick to it and have faith- then amazing things will happen.  I know if I don’t take any action, nothing is going to move…media_monkeys

Now more than ever is the time you need to shut off the TV, don’t read the paper and focus on positive, enlightening things that will help you grow your business. One of my favorite quotes is “when you hang around 9 broke people, guess who will be the 10th? YOU!” Surround yourself with happy, positive, successful and focused people. Success breads success.

This leads me back to my plan, you see nothing will happen in your marketing of your business until something moves- meaning you take some action.  And it’s usually harder to take action when you don’t have a plan.  I would suggest mapping out some time for yourself- schedule it- and put your game-plan for the year down on paper. It doesn’t have to be anything sophisticated or look good, it’s really a road map for you for the year. I call it my road map to success.

Here’s how I recommend you start-

1-Write down everything you want from this year- break it down into 4 categories- financial, personal, physical and mental

2- Write your goals in a positive format

3- Ensure they are measurable, attainable and within your control

biz_bizplanHere’s some ideas-

Financial goals- Will focus around how much money you want to make on a monthly or even annual basis.  Just ensure you are specific and these goals are measurable.

Personal goals- These are things you want to attain in your relationships, family, focusing on hobbies or learning new things, going to a conference,  etc.

Physical goals– Revolve around your physical health, wellness, exercise, eating, etc.

Mental goals- Are things that will improve your psyche like meditating, reading new books, going to a yoga workshop, or attending mental health and wellness workshops at Kripalu, Esalen or  The Omega Institute.

The best thing you can do for yourself this year is make some time to write up your plan and to focus your energy on what you want to achieve in pay-attention2009.  Those who have plans, and goals achieve them. Those who don’t have plans, aren’t focused and are all over the map, have difficulty in achieving what they want and even struggle because they don’t have this clarity and focus.

I would urge you to discover more, take time to write up your plans, goals and even dreams for this year and maybe even the next five years!  It will be totally worth it, I promise.  If you’re struggling, find a coach, find a mentor, or find a friend or someone who can help you.  There’s also something that I do every year, in fact I’m going this year for my birthday to do my Vision Day.  This is where I work with my two executive coaches and figure out my plan for the year.  Whatever works for you, just take the time and don’t wait- take action now. Nothing’s going to move in your marketing, your life or your business until you take some action- now get to it!

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