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7 Secrets to Surviving Being Let Go From Your Job…

This seems to be the hot topic – what to do when you get laid off from your transition-thumbjob? It’s unfortunately affecting hundreds, if not thousands of people, right now as I write.  And this is no time to jump for joy or make light of your situation. In fact, I hope that I can help you with offering you my own words of wisdom by revealing my 7 secrets to how I was able to survive being let go from my job.  This is where I have the honor of being brutally honest with you because, I not only was let go from my corporate job once, but I was let go 4 times in 9 years!

The really awesome inspiring thing about my journey from job to job, was I discovered a ton of things about myself, my work, and my life from going through this experience SOOO many times.  In fact, it was such an ordeal for me that I ended up writing over 10,000 words about it.  The fun news is that I was able to edit those 10,000 words down to 3,000 and wrote a chapter and am a co-author in the newly published book, Women On Fire, 20 Inspiring Women Share Their Life Secrets (and Save You Years of Struggle!) by Debbie Phillips, Founder of Women On Fire.

Yours Truly signing my first copy of the book for a good friend!
Yours Truly and Debbie Phillips, Women On Fire Founder

My chapter is poetically called: Breaking Loose From Corporate America: 7  secrets to surviving being let go from your job. In my chapter, I highlight the 7 things that really helped me to deal with being laid off all those times. The real tough part was the first time I was told that I wasn’t a match in the current job I was in.  I was only in the position for 3 months and they changed the qualifications and wanted me to leave.  That had NEVER happened to me before. I had worked all my life since I was right out of college. I had no clue what to do with myself if I wasn’t working. I totally had identified with my work, I was my job. With no job, who in the world was I now?  This was a huge step for me getting past this point. And I’ll reveal to you a few of my secrets to help you on your journey. (For a complete list and to read about my story, you can order your personally signed copy of the book by me here.) The first thing that was truly a Godsend was my Executive Coach, Debbie Phillips.  She was the glue (and the help of my therapist) who kept me together and helped me make some very intelligent decisions that have served me well.  So Secret #1 is – “You have to have support!”  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  You need a support system, or I call it a support team to help get you through these difficult times, don’t try to do it alone.

My 2nd Secret is “Tame the Mind.” This was was incredibly helpful. I had went to several spiritual classes to help me learn how to meditate. I would highly recommend visiting Kripalu or the Omega Institute.  Plus I read these inspiring books by Pema Chodron’s- The Places that Scare YouWhen Things Fall Apart, or Start Where You are. There were many more I read, yet these truly helped me in my journey to overcome the loss of my job. Because being let go is a loss and you have grief and are grieving from this loss.  So that was helpful too, to acknowledge my grief, own it and let it simply then to pass through me.

Being let go from your job, is really hard and can be extremely challenging on many levels, emotionally, mentally, physically and of course financially.  And I know it’s really hard to see right now that your being let go was really a gift to you.  It certainly was for me.  Having been let go so many times, I finally got it- Corporate America was not my playing ground anymore!  I was thrilled to be able to start my own Direct Response Marketing Coaching and Consulting company. It’s been 3 years since I started my business and I haven’ ever looked back with regret.

Here's the cover of the book!

Here’s some more in depth information about the book Women On Fire, 20 Inspiring Women Share Their Life Secrets (and Save You Years of Struggle!) by Debbie Phillips, Founder of Women On Fire.

Are you in the midst of “life issues” and feel as though they may prevent you from living your deepest passion?  Are you ready to be “on fire” about something special in your life? Save yourself from unnecessary struggling and get this book!!

I have the honor of being one of the 20 Inspiring Women who share their life secrets in Debbie Phillips new book, Women On Fire. This book is a heart-stirring and heartwarming anthology of stories written by 20 courageous and powerful women who faced real-life challenges and successfully moved through them to become authentic women on fire. Each woman shares the details of a seemingly insurmountable obstacle and describes how she summoned the strength to overcome it and emerge stronger, healthier, happier, and more deeply fulfilled. The most important part of their message is that you can do the same!

Author Group Photo
Here are 13 of the Co-Authors at a Special book party before the book came out.

Reading these inspiring stories, you will discover how you too, can:

  • Tap into your passion and make a living from it
  • Transform being laid off or fired into exciting new dreams
  • Survive and even flourish after the death of a spouse or loved one
  • Joyfully step off the corporate track
  • Gracefully move through divorce and thrive after it
  • Find love, even when you think it has passed you by
  • Earn your college degree in midlife
  • Be enriched from the responsibility of caring for both your children and your parents
  • Successfully overcome an eating disorder
  • End job burnout…forever

As you can see, these topics cover a wide range of speed bumps we all can experience in this wonderful journey of living our lives. And it is not always about the actual speed bump but more importantly how we deal with it. Does it stop us in our tracks or do we learn and grow from it? And as for yours truly, my speed bump was particularly challenging for me, but I chose to stop, take the time to see and ultimately to grow from it and in the end I was in a much better place.

Click here to order your personal signed copy of Women On Fire by yours truly!!

DPSMInspire me crp
Yours Truly and Debbie Phillips holding the 1st copy of the Inspire Me! Dvd.

If you want to be inspired even more, check out the newly printed – WOMEN ON FIRE DVD: Inspire ME – it’s s a delightful video tour into the world of Women on Fire.

Discover ways to move forward in your life when you meet real-life women who are “on fire” about their lives. Click here for more information about the DVD and how to order.

You will experience the magic of Women On Fire Tea Parties (read more about how the Women On Fire Tea Parties saved my life)and be invited into an exclusive live Women on Fire workshop.

So, get your copy of the book and DVD today and carry this wisdom with you as proof that you too can survive and more importantly thrive in this life!!!

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