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THE Way To Turn Your Annual Income Into Your Monthly Income!

Being addicted to learning is sometimes a hard road, especially when you’re an entrepreneur like me who LOVES to go after those shiny objects.  I’ve been doing a tremendous amount of travel over the past year, attending a ton of events and feeding my learning machine addiction.

Yet the one thing that’s eluding me after 6 years of being in my own business is “HOW” do I push my business past the 6 figure mark?  I’ve been incredibly successful over the past 6 years, yet I still want more for my business. I want to reach that 7 figure mark and I want to do within the next 3 years—is that even humanely possible?

Well I’ve had the incredible pleasure and delight of working with Alex Mandossian over the past year and I’m here to tell you with a resounding— YES, it’s totally possible. In fact, my work with him has really been focusing on growing his different businesses the past year and its been an incredibly fun ride. Now after a year, we’ve had several conversations about growing his business even bigger and he in turn is helping me grow mine!

Alex recently spent a bunch of time with me explaining the EXACT steps of how he was able to take his annual income and turn it into his MONTHLY income in less than 3 years.  This is a totally true story and it’s what he calls—THE MANIFESTATION BLUEPRINT.  And he gave me the green light to be able to share this with you—so here goes…

Here’s all you need to do this—

–  Flip chart Paper (or you could use 6 ½ x 11 paper— you will need at least 6 sheets

–  Markers for the flip cart paper (or a Sharpie for your smaller paper size)

–  What your annual income was last year

–  Open mind

–  Sheer determination

–  Consistency

Take your flip chart paper and write out the months of the year for 2012—turning it on it’s side—horizontal Landscape— works best. I was able to fit Jan/Feb/March/April/May/June on one flip chart and July/Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec on the other flip chart.   Then do the same for 2013, and for 2014, hence you need 6 pieces of flip chart paper.  If you do this on smaller paper, it will still work. Just know when Alex did this exercise; he did it on bigger paper so he then put it on the wall in his office.

After you get the months on there, then you will need to draw lines which will enable you to create 3 rows below each month.  Then on the first row you will put all the way across on EVERY sheet of paper for 2012-2013-2014; you will write down your annual income in each box under each month.  Then the next row you will write down what you made for that particular month.  Then the 3rd and final row you will write down the difference between row 1 and 2. In the beginning this will be a negative number, and in fact it may go up and down.  This is ok—keep doing it.

Here’s and example that I just created using made up figures on what the first page of 6 months should look like.

So the key is to put this up on your wall. I’ve done it and have the first 6 months on my wall, that’s because that’s all I can fit. Then I have the other sheets of paper waiting in the wings. Ideally, having all of it on your wall is best.  When Alex did this, it enabled him to make his annual income his monthly income into a total reality and he did it before 3 years had passed.

I would love you to do this along with me and let me know how you’re doing.  I can already totally see how having this on my wall is really motivating me, along with my sign saying “Take Action! Nothing happens until something moves! Is this going to make me money?”  So every time I’m doing a task—I think is it busy work or is it genuinely going to help me make money.

If you like this PROVEN concept, then you’re sure to like so much more on this new site that Alex, myself and the team are creating—    Check out this site and sign up for the early bird— it will so be worth it.

As always, would love your comments!

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  • Stephanie Bennis

    This is a really interesting concept and one I’ve love to implement myself but I don’t know if my business model is cut out for it because I offer a service and not a product–I only have so many hours in the day! How has it been working for you? Are you reaching your goals?

  • Shannon

    Hi Stephanie- great question. The funny thing is I actually have a service business, so it can be done. The keys for you are how you can “leverage” yourself. Figure out how you can outsource some of the things you’re currently doing so you can spend either more time servicing other needs of clients. Or, maybe taking time out to create some information products. Connect with me on Facebook and send me a message and I can help you some more. 🙂 AND– thanks Zhenya and Mrs. Mulry for your comments! LOVE my flipchart paper!

  • walterpaulbebirian

    well – making more money sounds like a great thing to be focused on and working towards and then finally doing – but really what is a difficult challenge to understand and overcome is what exactly do you or does anyone want to do with this income – what do you put your money towards – the money that you have earned so far – what have you done with it – what have you purchased and invested in – yes yourself and improving your abilities to earn more money but ultimately any person with a substantial amount of income and therefore a substantial amount of savings *(hopefully) will have something that they will want to invest in that will allow them the freedom to focus less on this earning of money and more on managing the investments that will allow this money that you have earned to work for you – that is a major step to reach and then – the ultimate investment for people who have reached this point of letting the money work for you is the ultimate investment which is investing in art – which is the best investment – because not only does art hold its value but the enjoyment which a person gets from filling their environment with the art they have purchased based on their very own personal tastes and likes – is the ultimate value that anyone can gain from any investment that they will ever make during their lifetime –

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