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Dear Future Self – What a Year 2020 was – yikes!

Another holiday season almost under the belt – yay! This feels like it’s been the longest year ever. I still can’t believe I’ve been home in my office for nine months. 

That’s not ever happened before. Usually, I’m off traveling to meet clients, attend a mastermind, an event, or visit my mom. I’m sure you can relate.

So, I was home long enough to put together a gingerbread type house for the holidays. Instead of gingerbread, it was made with Oreo cookies and fluffy white icing. 

I’ve not ever tried to do one of these before. And when you check out my picture, you will know why! I’m not sure I will ever do one of these again, either.

Then looking at my disaster of a house, I thought it would be a perfect metaphor for this pandemic year – “wow, I didn’t see that coming,” kind of year.

And, I would liken it to my Oreo cookie house that just couldn’t get that roof to stick. Yet, it does smell really good. That icing was delicious! 
So how was this year for you?

Are you steeped in regret, crumbling frustration, and sorrow for all that slid away or was lost?

Or, are you able to look at this year as the sweet, fluffy gift that it truly was?

A good friend of mine, Sophfronia Scott, does a weekly video on her morning walks. And a recent one, she shared about her own goals for the year and how a good number of them didn’t happen. 

Instead of getting upset and angry, she looks at achieving her goals as they have their own timeline. Just because you have a goal doesn’t mean it will happen now, in a month, a year, etc. 

The focus is to be patient about reaching your goals and let go of your attachment to “when” they will be accomplished, especially now with the pandemic. It’s about giving yourself compassion during this time instead of judgment. I truly related to that.

Giving myself a break and not judging myself for not reaching my lofty goals for the year.

In this spirit, I would highly encourage you to check out this cool website.

You can go here and write a letter to your future self and set it up to send a year or so from now. 

That’s pretty cool, right?

!Something else I do is what my amazing and inspiring coach Debbie Phillips, Founder, Women On Fire, and her husband created – it’s called The Great Start Program. It takes what you’ve learned about New Year’s resolutions and turns it into something you can actually accomplish. 

I’ve been doing The Great Start Program at the end of each year since 2011! And I’ve accomplished so much more with using this tool than I ever could have before.

In my experience, New Year’s resolutions just don’t work. If you want to know more about it – check out The Great Start Program here. 

Here’s to you having a happy, prosperous and healthy 2021!
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