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Perfect “NonFormula” for Converting 1 hr Free Coaching/Consulting Calls

Do you ever use 15-minute, 30-minute, or 60-minute complimentary calls to get potential clients/customers to work with you or invest in your coaching program, membership, etc.?

If you answered yes, this email will give you another perspective on these calls that will help you close more of these calls in the future. Yet, it’s not what you think…

If you don’t use complementary calls for potential clients, what I’m about to share with you will help with your future connections with potential (or current) clients/customers. Please keep reading. 

It all started on a podcast.

I had the absolute pleasure of being on a podcast for a private copywriting group. I wish I could share it with you, but it’s members-only :-(. What I loved about it was I was inflow. So much so that when I got the transcript back and read it a couple of weeks later, I had totally forgotten some of the things I shared! Has that ever happened to you?

This group was filled with newbie and not-so-newbie copywriters who wanted to know how they could better their complimentary calls with potential clients. They wanted to know THE formula that I used to close more people (aka get more business) from these calls.

The big bubble I burst was I didn’t really have a written-out “official” formula. The reason is when I book my calls – I honestly use my intuition for these calls. (If you’re interested in my intuitive process, let me know. I am happy to share my resources here with my compliments.)

I already have a preconceived notion of what they need help with on the call. Truthfully, I do send five questions for them to answer before our call. I make it optional. Yet, what I do say, is I can help them even more on the call if they provide the information ahead of time.

For me, the goal of these calls is NOT to configure a way to get the person on the other end to hire me. The purpose of these calls is how I can help this person with all my knowledge and information. How can I give this person at least one to three things to help their business that they can implement after the call. That’s it!

Just this ONE shift in my mindset has gotten me an unbelievable close rate.

Some examples of what I do:

  1. Email them five questions to answer, preferably before the call.
  2. After they answer my questions, I do my research. 
  3. Create a note in Evernote (in my prospects’ notebook) where I put their contact details at the top. Then add my research notes from below.
  4. Google them and see what I can find. 
  5. Check out their web page or whatever they send me, and I take notes on how I can improve what they already have.
  6. If I find any errors on the page, or their optin isn’t working, I never got their optin email, etc. 
  7. The last thing I do is look at how they answered the question – what THEY THINK they need the most help within their business. What they think they need help with versus what I believe is often VERY different in my experience. And, I’m not afraid to share that with them.

When we first get on the call, I always say something like- (BTW – I always give them 60-minutes.)

“Thanks for investing in the time to be here. This is your time – Your Call. The time will go by really fast. So before we start, I’d love to know 1 or 2 things you definitely want to get help or clarity on by the end of our time together.” 

This statement has hands down created so many more fruitful calls. I can’t even tell you. Please borrow it and make it your own. 🙂

Then during the call, I use the present moment process that I learned earlier this year. (Again, if you’re interested, email me, happy to share.) 

It’s about ultimately listening to them. It’s not thinking ahead of what I’m going to say. I want to be present and be open to my intuition, which will prompt me to say things that will help.

The most critical factor is learning how to tell the difference between my intuition and my ego thinking mind. I keep reminding myself this call is NOT about ME! 

The way my intuition speaks to me is always in a kind, friendly tone, never judging, never emotional, just straightforward ideas. 

By using this process, I will also immediately know if I can really help this person or do I need to refer them to someone else. I will only take on clients that I know I can truly make an impact on their business. Then by the end of the call, I don’t have to shift into sales mode. 99% of the time, they’re asking me how I work with clients and what that would look like for them.

As I said, this process is a bit different, and now looking at it all written down, maybe it’s a kind of “formula” of sorts. Yet, I’d prefer to think about it as a bit more organic.

I hope you can take some of these ideas and incorporate them into your connections with your prospects, clients/customers.

Here’s to Your Soulful Success!

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