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Who’s running the show today?

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If you’re looking for more links and some pure left-brain marketing tips, this might fill the bill.  

And you simply need to hang in with me for a few more paragraphs until we get there. 🙂

Come on, keep reading, aren’t you curious?

Just a little about what I’m gonna share? 😉

Last week I helped out my friend and mentor – Debbie Phillips, by hosting her weekly check-in last week on Thursday morning. (She was out of town and I was happy to pitch in for her as I’ve done before.)

Let me share with you a little about Debbie Phillips. She’s a VIP (Very Special Person) in my life. She actually helped saved me back in 1997 when I started working with her as my Executive Coach. Her experience, expertise, kindness, and compassion helped me over the past 20 years with all sorts of ups, downs, detours, and adventures in my life.

She founded this amazing group of supportive women — Women On Fire (WOF). And oh my goodness, this group is definitely on fire for sure.

Back to the W.O.F. check-in call.

I focused the call around self-care, focusing on how we’re taking care of ourselves each day. And I’m not just talking about getting a mani-pedi or a massage. I’m talking about it on a deeper level.

This conversation led to all kinds of unique shares and light bulbs going off.

I LOVE it when that happens.

One of the things that W.O.F. member Holly Getty (and also one of my best friends for over 20 years.) said when her day’s going a bit nutty, to stand back and ask herself this question –

“Who’s running the show today?”

Is it lazy me? Negative me? Antisocial me? Helpful me? Entrepreneur me? Compassion me? And on and on, we can go…

There are so many identities, personalities, and people that makeup who we are.

And asking this question and acknowledging it this way was pretty mind-bending for me.

I’m definitely gonna use this question whether my day is fantastic or I’m struggling. I think it’s really helpful to know “who’s running the show?” (And it can be kind of fun too!)

To really bring this home, Holly shared this YouTube video which totally hit the nail on the head.

Since she shared this video, I’ve watched it at least 5 or 6 more times and want to share it with you. Please feel free to share it with your friends, family, and colleagues. (You can also click the photo of the video below as well to watch it.)

There is one caveat – it is an ad for Zillow. AND, it’s a pretty amazing spot-on ad. (This is where the left brain teaching moment comes in.)

It REALLY hits home to their dream client/customer.

It totally speaks to the woman homeowner who’s trying to decide if she wants to list her house or not.

The teaching moment you can take home is this is exactly what you want to do in your marketing copy. Speak to your dream client/customer so clearly that they know you’re talking directly to them.

So how do you get there? How do you do that?

It’s my first step in my Soulful Marketing System – 1. Define Your Dream Client/Customer.

Get inside your dream client/customer’s head, think their thoughts, address their issues, and put that in your marketing like Zillow did – all the different voices/personalities that go through someone’s head when it comes to deciding to sell a house.

  • A couple of things that will help you with identifying your dream client/customer:
  • Always write your copy in the first person, like you’re sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee with your best friend.
  • Make a list of your dream client/customer’s struggles, frustrations, and fears. What are they feeling? What emotions keep coming up for them around these struggles, frustrations, and fears? If you’re selling a coaching program, make a list of all the problems you’ve helped your clients solve. Also, you can make a list of the top issues people want your help to solve. Then in your copy, you focus on what they’re struggling with, so they know you understand them, then you offer your “thing” that will help solve it for them.
  • Another part of this is listing your dream client/customer’s hopes, dreams, goals, values, etc., and also, what do they love? This comes in handy if you’re selling something creative like art, photography, or memorabilia. People want to buy those things to remember an experience and/or adventure.
  • Research where your dream client/customer’s hang out online and offline. What forums do they belong to, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, what do they read, etc.

Something else to remember — If you’re struggling with not getting the sales you wanted from your event, course, book, program, product, etc., it’s because one or more of these three things is out of whack:

  1. You need to have the right message…
  2. Going to the right market…
  3. Using the right media

If these aren’t aligned, that’s when your sales suffer. Nine times out of ten, in my experience, it’s your MESSAGING/COPY.

NOTE 1: You can check out Debbie Phillips and Women on Fire – simply click here.

NOTE 2: Thanks for all the feedback from last week’s website blitz email! Here are a few more sites to check out on creating graphics that might be helpful:

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