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The Not So ‘Sexy’ Way to Get New Clients

Being in the online marketing space for 15 years, I’m feeling grateful for all the learning I’ve been doing. That’s what I’m calling any mistakes I’ve made along the way – learning because they’re not mistakes if I’ve taken away some huge lessons!

I can think back at how hard it was to create high converting landing and web pages, and now as you may have seen with my last couple of emails, there are TONS of online resources that will make it even easier for you to create web pages, graphics and more.

The name of the game, though to keep your business alive and to thrive is to have a steady flow of new clients/customers in the door each day, week, month. Only you know what that number is, and I hope you do because your business is depending on it.

That number will depend on how much money you want and need to live. Plus, what you need to invest in and keep your business running.

If you’re not looking each day/week/month at how you will continue to grow your list of hot prospects and turn them into clients, then I’m here to tell you – you gotta do this now!

Your list of hot prospects and customers is your lifeblood. The goal is to build a fantastic community of like-minded people who admire and look to you to help them. They will buy from you as long as you keep selling them something, AND delivering them awesome value too.

So let’s talk about the “not so sexy” way for you to get new clients. It’s not sexy because we’re not using social media or Google ads.

And we’re definitely not talking about network display ads, or sponsorship, etc. I’m not even talking about social media posts and free surveys or challenges. Yet, they are pretty hot right now.

And I’m certainly not talking about using a new fandangled software either.

What I’m talking about is basic. AND, if you need money NOW, using this simple system is how I’ve been able to generate income incredibly fast over the years.


Step 1 – Get a pack of 4×6 notecards, a black and a red sharpie, a highlighter (I like to use green cuz it’s the color of money. 🙂 And I did say this approach was basic.) Then, bring the sharpest part of your brain and sit down at your desk or wherever you feel comfy.

Step 2 – Make a list of 25 – 50 people you know that you haven’t connected with in a while. (You can also add people you don’t know and want to know on the list.) Focus this list on colleagues, not family, unless they can help you grow your business. Yeah, it will take a couple of notecards to do that. Or you can certainly use a sheet of paper if that’s easier. I like notecards cuz they’re thick, and I can stack them on my desk for easy viewing.

Step 3 – Pick Who You Will Reach Out to Now – Once you get your list together, then I want you to look over and pick out the people you are willing to reach out to right now. This is where your red sharpie comes in handy or your green highlighter.

Step 4 – Reach out to at Least One a Day – Yes, you can do this! Or maybe you will get inspired and connect with five or more each day – your choice.

How will you connect with them?

The vehicle you use is also your choice. I’ve used three ways in the past – email was my best way unless they’re always on social media. If they are responsive, I use messenger. Or the last way is LinkedIn.

The goal of the communication is you haven’t spoken to them in a while, and you simply want to connect with them.

I would encourage you to be brief in your communications. Less is always more.

An example:


Subject: Catching up – let’s reconnect!

Hi Kate,

How in the world are you? I miss connecting with you! I’d love to know what you’re up to and get back in touch.

Here’s a link to my calendar (INSERT CALENDAR LINK HERE). Or, if it’s easier, just hit reply and let me know when we can schedule a call. It would be terrific to catch up.

I look forward to it!

All the Best,



Yes, I know, it’s a REALLY SIMPLE technique, and guess what, it works!

Back in June, I shared with you how I got the attention of Sam Parr, CEO of The Hustle newsletter, and it was pretty basic too.

You need to do your homework for these types of communications where you don’t know the person. And decide how you will reach them – through their admin, LinkedIn, find their email address, social media, etc.

This is the first time I’m sharing the ACTUAL Email I sent Sam Parr, CEO of The Hustle on New Year’s Eve 2020: (I had forwarded their Trends Welcome email – hence the Re: Welcome! below. I didn’t leave that part of the email in what’s below, cuz it would have made this email even longer!)


Subject: Cold email- Worth opening – promise!- Re: Welcome!

Hi Sam,

This is a cold email, so I know you won’t open this until I send it to you at least 2 – 3 more times… 🙂

I just signed up for Trends and am excited about diving in.

You changed your promo – brilliant – giving me access to this year’s presentations for a week and giving me a % off.

I have some suggestions on how to increase your conversions on the order page. Give me more than 7 minutes on the page timer – it’s a bit annoying. I’d say at least 15 minutes.

I’ve grown many subscription sites like yours and would love the opportunity to help you grow this!

I sent my application for your Product Marketing Manager consulting project. The point of this email is that I’d love to get an interview with the hiring person.

I would love to see if you can make that happen. 🙂 I’m available starting next week. My phone number is below, and you can use this email address.

Will you see if you can get my application to the top and get me an interview? I won’t’ let you down. Yes, I will send you a couple more reminders.



[My Contact details were here]

P.S. I’d also consider editing your email subject below to bring out more of your personality. Like – “Congrats, you’re in!” or “You made it – Welcome!”

P.S.S. Has anyone on your team read “Retention Point: The Single Biggest Secret to Membership and Subscription Growth” by Robert Skrob? I know Robert, and this book is one of the best books on how to KEEP your subscribers once you have them.


And YES, he responded, fast, in about 20 minutes! I was totally surprised too.

If you want to try this technique for cold emails, use this search tool to find their company email.

What will happen — after you’ve had your 3rd or 4th call, you will definitely get some business either from that core list of contacts, OR they will refer you to someone. The momentum starts to build and will totally pay off for you – promise.

Yes, it’s really that easy.

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