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It’s Here – The “Frunk” and I Want One!

Thanks for all the comments on this post – wow.  I need to share something with you. I’m gonna be transparent about that post.  When I wrote it, I was in a rush to get it out. And when I reread it my critical voice said “umm, it’s ok, it will pass, but it’s not your best work you know…”  And on and on that voice in my head went.  Good thing I sent the post out anyway!

So I’m thinking I need to give that voice a sabbatical and keep on writing to you! (Hope that works! 😉

This week – I want to share with you some really cool things I learned (or really remembered – cuz as I get older – umm that happens).

I could start a whole thread on remembering and forgetting and I’m not… (I hope I remember to do that at some point – ha!)

Some big and small ideas I learned from Traffic & Conversion Summit:

Sometimes successful marketing comes down to having unique and different features than anyone else in the market –

For example – I discovered this really cool and innovative electric vehicle company – Rivian.

They are blowing Tesla out of the market with their new electric truck that just came out and new SUV coming out next year.

What’s interesting and unique is that they’re trying to disrupt the car market, much like Carvana has done with preowned cars and Tesla has done with electric cars. If you don’t know about Carvana and their massive car vending machines, you gotta check this out.

You can buy an electric truck or SUV directly from Rivian’s website. They won’t have dealerships.

Another way is not only are the vehicles a bit cheaper, they have rethought the whole design and how adventure consumers use it. They’ve created both of their vehicles for adventurers and off-roading folks.

The front hood is called a “frunk” because it’s a front trunk. (I LOVE THAT! New cool words for electric cars. Another way to stand out – creating your own vocabulary. I want a frunk!)

Plus, they have rethought the storage places. You can add a portable kitchen to the truck or have a unique storage space that can fit a snowboard, fishing gear, and more long cumbersome items.

Then there’s the way they can fix your car remotely through their online network. Oh, the car is also a hotspot too.  (Not the best vehicle if you want to be incognito. 😉

Rivian has two big investors – Ford and Amazon.
In fact, Amazon’s already placed an order for new trucks that will hit the road at some point next year. 

Also, because Amazon is an investor, the whole car will have Alexa built into it. Then there’s the really cool lighting, innovative design, and how it’s a snow machine – each wheel has its own energy source.

It can actually turn around like a tank, in the same space.

It’s also basically a snow beast. Check out the researchers who tested this baby in VERY cold temperatures. 

(And yes, in case you’re wondering – this is my new favorite electric vehicle, and I really want to order one. Not sure, though, the truck or the SUV? Hmmmm….)

Some Takeaways:
What’s Unique, Different, and Maybe Even Innovative About Your Business? Or your courses, products, services, events, etc…

Buy Your Competitors Stuff – One of the things I loved doing when I was helping experts created courses was buying all the competition’s courses and find what’s missing, what they’re not covering so then we could create something new, unique, and what the competition isn’t doing.

Talk to Your Prospects – Especially when you’re creating something new, get your potential prospects involved. Do a survey, a free zoom brainstorming session. Give them what you’re offering for free in exchange for a testimonial and/or taking a survey afterward.

Rivian did this masterfully and they also did the point below as well. All their buyers are now “members” of the Rivian family. They’re building a community around their vehicles – brilliant! You can borrow that idea and do it too.

Craft Inspiring Content – 
Check all the videos and articles out there now about Rivian. They’re creating some really cool videos and we’re able to see the team that created the truck and how they test it. They have terrific content and awesome PR. You too can do this as well – be inspired – you got this!

Create Founders – When you’re launching something for the first time, create a founders launch, or original members, or something that makes them feel special because they were the first people to invest in your “thing.” Then give them benefits like grandfathering their price that won’t ever go up as long as they’re a member.

And I didn’t want this email to be excruciatingly long. So lookout for the next couple of emails where I’m going to share how The Ad Girls made a million dollars from a VERY simple ad and basic online dream client experience (aka – funnel).

And the one area that hardly anyone thinks about in their business. If you would improve it, you could increase your business significantly.

Then there’s the statistic that blew me out of the water of the real reason why people come to your website… See you in the next blog!

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