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What makes a perfect 10?

Have you ever watched the Olympics Gymnasts and thought about what exactly makes up a perfect 10 score? 

The reason I’m asking this question is that while my spouse and I were on an early morning walk, we got to talking about this. 

I was sharing with her how I was making a ton of progress finishing the new guide I’m writing – Soulful Marketing Manifesto.She was curious about it, mainly because a manifesto is a document that declares and shares a new vision, approach of a new marketing movement.

It sounds kind of serious, right? 🙂

As I explained my manifesto to her, it reminded her of a talk she had heard from Bart Connor (the gymnast married to Nadia Comaneci), where he shared about what makes up a perfect 10 score in gymnastics.

When looking at scores, one of the highest you can get is a 9.7 or rarely a perfect 10.

A 9.7 score is mainly based on technical and athletic ability to perform all the moves.

Then he talked about what makes up that last .3.

Interestingly, that last .3 is about how unique the gymnast is, his/her moves, music, routines, etc., and their creativity, uniqueness, and authenticity. 


That last .3 is not about tactics or athletic ability. It’s all about the gymnast showing their personality, creativity, and authenticity.

This is definitely a core part of what it means to be a soulful marketer.

It’s all about the .3.

I started writing my manifesto because it is time for a change in marketing. The old tactics, tricks, and somewhat slimy and skeevy ways to market have to step aside now. 

These tactics don’t work for a large majority of entrepreneurs and business owners, especially if you’re in the health, wellness, healing, and personal development areas. 

Soulful Marketing is for mindful entrepreneurs who want to take the first step to dig deep and align their marketing with their mission, vision and values. 

It’s also about sharing their genuine, most authentic, and transparent selves in all of their marketing.

I know that’s a pretty big, bold statement, and what exactly does that mean? 

My first draft is nearly finished, and I promise to share more. 

Stay tuned and check out the draft cover below!

The most important thing I want you to know is that this manifesto will help you create an incredible amount of success in 2022.

And you also need to know that this Manifesto will be free – it’s my gift to you.

Here are some questions to think about and explore. These will help prepare you for an incredible shift in your marketing: 

  • Why did you initially create your business?
  • Is the way you market your business closely aligned with your vision, mission, and values of why you created your business? 
  • Do you feel your marketing is authentic and that you share and are YOURSELF?
  • Is your business relying more and more on tactics, like buying ads on social media, without having a bigger vision and plan for growth?
  • An interesting exercise is to step back and look at your core messaging. Is it unique and connected to YOU in a way that goes deep so that it will touch your dream clients/customers? 

When you answer these questions, do a deep dive, and make some changes, it will be easier for you to attract your dream clients/customers.

There’s a lot of noise out there, especially now during the holidays, to buy, buy, buy.

Yet, think about your purchases. Aren’t you drawn more to the companies and people with a bigger mission and message to help transform or give back?

It’s about how you can feel their integrity authenticity and how they market their business and align it with their mission, vision, and values.

That’s what I want for you, AND MORE.

There’s a lot more to share with you about my manifesto. I’m truly excited and inspired.

It’s your time to reach in, dig down, and embrace yourself, your mission, and your vision and feel confident in sharing that with the world.

Happy Shopping & Sweet Holiday Treats for you!

NOTE: If you need help on creating and aligning your mission, vision, and values with your marketing, reach out. I’m here for you!

Fun Factoid –  What?? Has Betty Crocker never been a real person? I think I knew that, and then I forgot!  So I had to share this with you! 

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