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Traveling & Some Disney Adventures

I debated whether to share this with you or not. And then I said to myself – “Well, I promised to be real and transparent.” 

So here goes…

Needless to say, traveling from the west coast to the east coast can be exhausting. You know what I’m talking about, when you have to get up at the crazy hour of 4am or earlier.  (Or we sometimes call it “O’Dark 30”).

The hilarious thing is the folks at the airport and airlines are making a big assumption that we’re awake and functioning at capacity – ummm yeah…

The good news is it was a little delay, yet all was well traveling to Orlando. Yep, going to the land of Disney.

Some Good Trivia Facts to Ponder:

  • Did you know that Walt Disney World covers 40 square miles, roughly the size of San Francisco?
  • It’s also the largest employer in Florida and California.
  • Remarkable attention to detail – all the stores along Main Street are lower than normal so kids can see inside!
  • Its monorail system transports over 50 million people a year!
  • With the success of his first park in CA – Disneyland, Walt didn’t think the east coast would go for a park like his, so he tested it out at the Worlds Fair in 1964, and his rides were a huge hit. That’s when Walt Disney World in FL was born.
  • Sadly, Walt Disney died in 1966, shortly after he announced they were building Disney World in Florida.

Back to my adventures…

I was in Orlando to work with a client, who’s a terrific friend as well. He does these marketing tours for clients in Disney parks. He’s asked me before to come help him run some tours for him, so that’s what I did.

The conversation goes something like this – “Hey do you want free airfare, hotel, and tickets to Disney and Epcot, and a nice amount of money for your time to help me run some tours?”  Ummmm, sure – that was an easy decision.

So when I got to my room, I unpacked – exhausted, got a bite to eat because I ran into an old friend I hadn’t seen in years when we were checking in to the hotel. Come to find out she was doing the tours too. Well of course she was!

I get a decent amount of sleep. (You know time change an all.) 

When I woke up I was a bit disoriented. I knew I needed coffee. 

Well then I was in search of my underwear and for the life of me, I couldn’t find where I had put it. Holy moly – yeah I know TMI (too much info).

Hence, my opening of how I was debating sharing this with you!

So I throw on my sweats anyway and head down to the lobby at 6am for coffee. ( I needed to be ready to meet the team at 7:30 am.) 

I get out of the elevator heading to the coffee shop and realized I forgot my mask and it’s a must at this hotel. (Staying at the Dolphin Resort.) And I was in such a rush for coffee- I totally forgot to brush my teeth! Ohhhh a mask was definitely needed. Ha. 

Then I stumble back into the elevator and go back to my room to get a mask. And of course I decided to quickly brush my teeth (felt better) and I was in such a rush, I forgot to take my glasses off and got toothpaste on them – OMG – whew, cleaned the glasses, mask in hand, headed back downstairs in search of coffee. 

Does any of this ever happen to you? I’d love to think that I’m not alone in my travels when stuff like this happens.

THAT was definitely a lesson in how NOT to start your day when you’re away from home!

It’s been so long since I have traveled I FORGOT my routine. It’s of course different from when I’m at home. Yet, clearly I needed to start my day over.

When I got back to my room, I had to reset the day. I love that I can start my day over whenever I want. (And so can you!)

Then I did some good deep breaths, got my focus, and was able to get back into my away morning routine.

It’s funny how traveling can knock me out of my routine, and how I forget when I don’t follow it, like always unpacking and putting my clothes and

toiletries (Yes including my underwear!) in the same place – it throws me off.

Then of course I also remembered, I’m in the happiest place on earth – In Disney…

Check out my photos below – me and the castle (and literally thousands of people – not to worry my mask was in my hand) and a replica of the castle for it’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

In case you’re wondering about what I talk about on these tours — First thing – I do believe that Walt Disney was an amazing creator, innovator and an inspiration. And talk about overcoming adversity – He grew up in a poor family, dropped out of school at 16. His father wanted him to work at the jelly factory. He flat out said noAnd all Walt wanted to do was draw.

His art teacher at school (before he dropped out) told the class to draw flowers. He drew his flowers with faces. His teacher gave him a scolding look and told him that flowers absolutely did not have faces.

What? A crushing blow, and then the man goes on to create what would become a billion-dollar business.

Did you know he got turned down over 100 times for a loan to build his first theme park – Disneyland?

The only way he was able to build it was getting ABC TV to back him and then go after sponsors to give him money to build the rides…
I could go on… 🙂 Want to know more? This is an article I wrote about a few years ago on another trip to Disney.

I’m here to to take a corporation’s employees on aback stage type tour around Disney where I share with them lessons they can incorporate to help innovate and invigorate their business.

The core message I want to share with you is if you’re struggling or frustrated right now of where your business is – be more like Walt. 

You got this. You have more resilience that you will ever know.  And don’t think outside the box like Walt would say – “There is NO BOX!”

Be an innovator. 

And if you need some encouragement, resources, or some guidance, I’m here for you. Think of me as being in your back pocket – we got this together!

Happy 2 weeks until Christmas!

NOTE 1: It’s not only Christmas time at Disney (They go all out with the decoration.) It’s also Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary and the fireworks who against the castle was AMAZING. My poor phone did not due it justice!

NOTE 2: If you’re interested in learning more about Walt Disney and some things to help your business – I wrote a blog about it a while back. 
NOTE 3: Tell me more about your business and  what you’re struggling with, I’m happy help! Simply hit reply. 🙂

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