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Changing Your Perspective

Thanks for all the comments last week on our fascinating adventure to buy a new home. All is well, we got into the house and doing some painting, and the official move is next week.

It’s interesting how some specific things about buying and selling homes have changed because of the pandemic.

Specifically, at closing, everyone being in the same room to sign all the papers and being able to celebrate afterward. Yeah, that won’t happen.

We had a mobile notary who came over to the house, and we signed the mountains of papers, and after we were done – It just felt a little weird and anti-climatic.

I knew I had to change my perspective on that, and also on some things I’m working on in my business.

I thought I’d share some insights with you this week.

Last week I started working with another new assistant. She’s mainly going to be helping me with copywriting. As an assignment, I had her look at this blog which has about ten years of posts. And also look at my website and some of my email campaigns.

We had a very enlightening conversation where she shared with me all of her insights and perspective around my work.

From that conversation, She gave me a new inspired outlook, perspective, and insight into my work, one I’d not seen before.

I found it even more interesting when she referenced some copy I wrote. What’s funny is I couldn’t even remember that I’d written it – omg…

Have you ever experienced that before?

One of the things she referenced was an example I had talked about in Step 4 of my 7-Step Soulful Marketing & Launch System – Determining their investment and how important your price is to the sale. And not what you think.

For instance – being cheap doesn’t mean you will sell more.

I had a client who raised their prices and sold more than when their prices were a lot less.

There’s something psychological about price.

Let’s say you were going to buy a diamond. You had two diamonds that looked almost exactly the same. One diamond was $150, and the other diamond was $1,500.

Which one do you think was more valuable?

THAT’S what I mean when it comes to price. The more expensive diamond is usually always perceived to have more value.

The same goes for your business.

Don’t devalue your products, services, programs, or events.

You will always have people who will price shop. It’s just what they do. And you will have people who, if you show them the real value of what you offer for the price, will figure out a way to find the money to get what you’re selling.

Remember, you are not your dream client/customer. Don’t make your decisions based on what you think.

Do some research from Step 1 – Defining Your Dream Client, from my 7-Step Soulful Marketing & Launch System. (If you need a refresher, hit reply, happy to help.)

That’s why it’s essential to have an expert on the outside guiding you to help you create a successful business. You are too close to it. Trust me, I know this. 🙂

It’s also a good idea, if you write a lot of content, to have someone read it over as I did with my new assistant.

During that meeting, her insights also gave me a more specific focus on some themes that I can write about and share with you in the future.

And for that, I’m incredibly grateful, especially because I’ve been at this for over 15 years.

I needed fresh eyes on my content. Maybe you do too.

Remember, I’m here for you to look over your content. Just comment below and I’m there for you.

Happy Last Thursday in January!

Note 1: Amazon is getting into opening retail stores …. Hmmmm, not sure how I think about that… The whole reason I use Amazon is that I don’t have to get into my car to get it… It will be interesting to see how its test store does in Seattle. (These will be bigger than their urban stores in the P.S.S. below.)

Note 2: Not to be confused with Amazon Go – which is pure automated – contact less min mart type shops that yo ucan enter once you register your palm print. (There are 24 of them in the U.S.)

Note 3: See how the pandemic has changed our buying behaviors. Who knew folks would be buying more outdoor grills or focused on buying cleaning supplies.

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