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It’s Moving Day – Ready?

My executive coach always shared with me how important it is that you have a plan for EVERYTHING. And she had a saying – “Planning promotes perfect performance.”

Well, in this instance, I had a plan, yet, things came up as they do, which delayed some packing and other plans to get the house in order.

What’s interesting is no matter how much I plan, it’s like our stuff keeps multiplying! I think it’s a phenomena that all people who are moving experience – am I right?

Every time I turn around I see stuff to pack.

I’ve been at it for the past 3 days, and now my brain is on overload, don’t ask me to make a decision right now… 🙂 And this will be short cuz I got to get ready for the movers coming in a few hours!

The moral of the story is it’s really important to plan, whatever your project is.

Maybe it’s launching a book, new service, or website – creating a detailed plan will help you accomplish more and create a successful launch.

And it’s also important to prepare for the unexpected, so always build in some cushion on your calendar for snafu’s and things that come up – that’s life right?

Stuff always seems to come up, especially when you least expect it.

Happy February & wish me luck on finishing packing before the movers get here!

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