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Are you good at finding things?

There’s been one thing that somewhat mystifies me, and that’s my ability to find things that are lost.

I can’t really explain it, except when I can’t find something, there’s an inner voice that actually whispers to me where I can find that lost item.

I know, I know, this may sound a bit crazy, and before you think that I hear voices, let me explain further…

It’s been two weeks since we’ve moved to our new house, and one of our most used questions has been – “Hey honey have you seen the [insert name of item here]?”

I thought we did a pretty awesome job at packing, yet, there always seems to be temporarily “lost” items that need to be found. And I found them all by doing this.

Whenever I lose something, I always say a little prayer to St. Anthony (Patron of lost things.), and listen to my intuition (inner voice).

The kicker is that I ALWAYS find the lost item that I was looking for or that my spouse was looking for as well.

Accessing your intuition is something that anyone can learn how to do. I’ve been doing it for so long it comes naturally to me.

After I ask for help, something always pops into my head and whispers, “look in the bathroom cabinet” or “look under the sofa.”

Seriously, that’s what happens.

You can do it too. It’s about honing into your intuition.

I wrote about this a couple of years ago when I started my book review blog – BooksYouGottaRead, and reviewed A Still Small Voice by Echo Bodine. (And since that time, unfortunately, I’ve paused my reviews. And I will start them up again soon.)

She explains how intuition works and how you can access it.

AND as an aside one of the points that hit home for me was realizing that our minds are wired to solve problems and keep us safe, warm, and comfy.

This explains why sometimes it’s hard to make changes and shake things up. According to Echo Bodine, your intuition is based on higher guidance from the Universal Mind (or some call it the ether).

It’s often felt and rooted in your body, in the gut.

How do you know if that voice is your thinking mind or your intuition?

One tell-tale sign is that your mind will always give you an emotionally charged response. So let’s say you ask if you ought to work with a specific new client.

If your inner voice tells you no because they won’t pay enough, or wouldn’t be a good fit, or some other kind of emotionally rooted answer…

These are big signs that this is NOT your intuition. They still are valid and need to be listened to. Yet, if you want to access your intuition – here’s how you tell the difference:

You know that it’s your mind because it gives you reason or logic to try to “solve” the problem for you. Plus, if there’s an emotional attachment, then it’s your mind/intellect speaking, not your still small voice.

When your intuition speaks, it’s truly an inner voice that’s always calming without any emotion.

Mine usually speaks to me in almost whispers and short bursts of guidance.

Today I had so many things to do personally and for my business.

One major thing was that we had filled up my SUV with many things we wanted to give away to Goodwill. And there’s always an extensive long line and waiting times of up to an hour. So I kept putting it off.

For some reason, this morning – my inner voice kept saying, get in the car, go now. And my mind kept saying, I don’t have time. I need to shower. I’ve got to start my day. Yet my body was heading for the car door…

So I went, and that’s when a fascinating thing happened.

I got there, and there was NO ONE in line. First, I thought they were closed. Then when I drove up, the friendly guy came out to greet me with a cart to take my stuff.

It felt like the twilight zone. There are ALWAYS cars waiting to drop off stuff.

Who knew this was the best time to go? Glad I followed my intuition. Totally cut my trip short by 40 minutes or more.

I would encourage you to pay more attention to your inner voice your and experiment with it. If anything, I can really be fun.

Interested in checking out Echo Bodines’ Book? You can read my review.

Having access to your intuition will help guide your life in many areas, work, relationships, purchases, and more. I use it for my business and making big decisions, like buying this house, and it’s always spot on.

Hit reply – I’d love to hear from you and your experiences with accessing and using your intuition.

Note 1: Let there be fruit! Moving into our new home got us some bonuses, like the 2 Meyer Lemon trees and two peach trees in the backyard. We also planted another peach, pomegranate, and a pear tree.

Here’s the harvest from the Meyer Lemon Tree Below! (Meyer lemons are a cross between a lemon and a nectarine.) Who knew we’d end up living in a place where we could pick and eat the fruit off of the trees from our backyard.
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