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Foolproof way to stop failing when it comes to launching new courses or products…

Have you ever had an idea for a course, product, or even a membership?

What happened?

Did you ever create and launch it?

What were your sales?

Did you ever launch it? Or maybe your sales were disappointing – what happened?

These are all questions I ask my potential dream clients.

As an influencer, you probably have several terrific ideas. Yet often, follow-through can be challenging.

And even frustrating.

It’s not fun putting months or even years of your time into creating something and never selling it, or when you do, your sales are so low it’s sometimes soul-crushing.

I know this because this is something I work with my clients on a lot.

I wanted to share a very simple process you can do to know if what you’re creating will sell before you spend a ton of time and money developing it.

Step 0 – Pick a Minimum Viable Audience – Seth Godin says to pick – “The smallest group that could possibly sustain you in your work…If you could pick the members of this audience, who would you choose? Their dreams, their worldviews, their energy, all up to you.” Choose an audience or community that will be ideal for what you are creating.

Step 1 Do your research on the competition and audience to ensure your course, product, or membership idea.

Answer questions like –

My Goal is to….
And my audience needs this because…
My work is unique and different because…

Download this free Defining Your Audience Worksheet.

Step 2 – Create a Minimum Viable Product – This will have just enough features to help you validate the idea. Make it simple – not too complicated. The best bet would be to create it and do the course or product live with your buyers. (See more below.)

Step 3 – Create your Juicy Offer – 5 main components –

  • Your course, product, or membership content
  • The Price
  • Bonuses
  • Guarantee
  • Social Proof

Step 5 – Decide on Your Marketing Path – How will you do your beta launch? – simple email, webinar, etc.

Step 6 – Craft Your Compelling Message – You need to create your core messaging based on why your offer is superior to anything else. Focusing on who – your dream minimum viable audience. Use the Defining Your Audience Worksheet to help you.

Step 7 – Do a Beta Launch to your email list and your social media followers, and even ask your friends to share it.

If you’ve attracted your dream clients and got at least 10 – 20 people to invest in your offer, this is ideal. Now you can teach this live or have a live component for Q&A.

This doesn’t have to be complicated.

Your offer doesn’t have to be perfect – remember to create a minimum viable offer.

The goal is to test this to see if it has legs. Will your dream audience buy it?

Use these steps so you won’t waste time creating something that just won’t sell.

Do a beta launch and create it WITH your audience live each week. And offer it a significantly lower price in exchange for feedback and a testimonial.

This is one of the best ways to create something without a ton of work and to test it with a minimum viable audience to ensure it works.

If it doesn’t sell well, you know to go on to another idea. And if you had only a few people buy it, you could decide whether to do it still, or give them a refund or offer them something else, such as some custom coaching.

Work smarter, not harder.

That’s how we jump into the heat wave of summer.

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