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What’s all the fuss about AI & copywriting?

It seems that all the email lists I’m on can’t stop talking about AI and copywriting.

Are you finding this too? (Or maybe it’s just me on too many copywriting lists!)

I find it a bit fascinating.

It’s like the next big thing in tech and copy – ChatGPT (GPT = Generative Pretrained Transformer – hmmm sounds very techy.)

People are likening it to some kind of copywriting second coming or doomsday scenario. Saying things like…

– OMG, There won’t be any jobs.

– There will be a massive firing of writers.

– Businesses will fail if they don’t get on board with it.

You will lose out on not being up-to-date about AI.

And on and on blah, blah, fear, blah, blah, more fear, and oh yeah, the world might end soon too with all these weather disasters and global warming.

Sheesh, I’m exhausted already after thinking and typing all of this.

How does anyone get anything done? 😉 Ok, ok, so some of this was tongue-in-cheek.

Yet, this is “the spin” that happens and how people get their head wrapped around an axel and want you to come along too.

I’m certainly not judging this.

It’s just that I see this in a completely different way.

AI is just a tool. Sure, some businesses may replace humans with it, and that’s their choice. Yet, it’s just like any other tool that’s created. It’s getting a lot of buzz now cuz it’s shiny and new.

The best thing to do is to learn a bit about AI and how it might be helpful, and also how it works.

I don’t see it as taking over and certainly not being able to write books like you would as an author-writer. (And then again, who knows where it will lead.)

I’ve tested it. The way it works is pretty cool. Yet, it doesn’t have my voice. It can help me write some core-specific content that I can edit. (I will give you an example later in my email.)

The key to ChatGPT and any other new tools is to try them out. See how it works. Check out the benefits of how it can help you.

It can be very helpful in writing social media posts and ads.

Yet, I can’t see it writing my newsletters for me and my book reviews. And, I CAN see how it can help get more clarity and ideas of things to focus on in simpler language.

Something interesting about ChatGPT is that it’s not like Google where it’s attached to the internet and can find things. It has “limited knowledge of world events after 2021.”

It can only look into its database that was fed a crap ton of data and tell you about it. So you can’t ask about current events.

Yet, here’s an example of how it’s constantly learning – A couple of weeks ago I asked it to write a book review on The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. Its standard reply was -“

I’m sorry, but as an AI language model I don’t have the capability to personally read books, so I can’t write a review of a specific book. However, I can provide general information and background on the author and book you mentioned.”

Then today, I asked the same question and it answered without the above and gave me a review! THAT is really cool BECAUSE it means this AI is a learning machine. (Kind of like me – ha ha!)

Even though some feel its hindrance is that it’s not connected to the internet to access data, it’s constantly being fed interactive data by users and is learning.

I would HIGHLY encourage you to check out ChatGPT and see how it works.

And how I’d recommend using it:

1. Your questions and word choices matter – Word them carefully and remember, it can’t give you info on current events unless it’s been fed that data. Hence, as I said earlier, it’s not Google. If you don’t get the info you’re looking for or try asking another way.

Example Ask specific statements or questions – “Please write a four-paragraph essay explaining Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mocking Bird.” Using the word “explain” and giving it ideas of length will help your results.

You’ve got to experiment with the words you use and see what will get you the best results. I had a lot of fun with that, you will too. Keep trying different words, phrases, etc. Remember is your friend. 🙂 (My favorite online Thesaurus.)

Also Note: You won’t be able to ask it anything – “OpenAI has safeguards in place in order to “build a safe and beneficial artificial general intelligence.” Any questions that break this rule – sexist, hate language, racist, or discrimination based are off-limits.

2. Ask it who you are – Say something like I did “Tell me about Shannon McCaffery, the soulful marketer.” What it said about me was incredibly accurate. If you have a pretty good presence online, website, and social media presence, it will give you an answer.

3. When you’re writing about a specific subject – Ask for information, principles, theories, and more. I asked it to give me summaries of books I’ve read that I’m writing reviews for. It gives me a memory boost of the important topics. It sped up writing book reviews, especially for books I’ve read years ago and needed to jog my memory.

4. What do you want to use it for? Think of AI as a helper and assistant. AI can definitely jumpstart your creativity. Help you brainstorm ideas. It can help you with voice, tone and even refining and helping you edit your copy.

Register to get access and check it out, and for now – it’s FREE. The only caveat is sometimes there are too many folks on it – overloading their servers so you have to wait until an off-peak time to access it. They are also testing a paid option so you won’t have to wait.

The key to AI and any other tool is to figure out how it can help enhance your work. It’s a tool, an assistant, or maybe even a creative writing partner.

I don’t think there’s any danger that AI will take over writing. Not for people like you and me. We’re too human. And we have our quirks, our creative and specific way we write and communicate.

It’s our voice, style, and our unique soulful message and authenticity that makes us stand out.

Fear is a powerful feeling when it comes to these types of advances in tech.

Something I say quite often to myself when I’m feeling fearful – “

Choose love over fear.

Full disclosure – I asked ChatGPT to explain what choosing love over fear means because my own writing was making it a bit too complicated. So I asked for help.

Here’s our combined effort of what the meaning of “Choose love over fear is: “It means to make decisions based on a positive, helpful, and compassionate outlook. Not fear. When we do this, we’re also prioritizing connection, growth, understanding, and empathy – choosing to act from a place of loving kindness.”

Pretty cool right?!

If you do end up trying it, or if you’ve used it, hit reply and tell me about your experience. I’d love to know.

Happy March! Whoa and we’re already two months into the New Year – how are your goals looking? Hands at your back – you got this! And you know I’m here if you need some extra support – reach out. 🙂

What I’m Reading: – The Collection – Florence Scovel Shinn (It Includes her four books: The Game of Life and How To Play It, The Secret Door to Success, The Power of The Spoken Word, and Your Word is Your Wand.) She was pretty fascinating for her time. She lived from 1871 to 1940. She was an American artist and book illustrator who became a New Thought spiritual teacher and metaphysical writer.

 The Tools by Phil Stutz & Barry Michel (Loved the documentary – Stutz – highly recommend it.)

Quote I’m Loving Related to Soulful Marketing:

“No one is useless in this world,’ retorted the Secretary, ‘who lightens the burden of it for anyone else.’”~ Charles Dickens, Our Mutual Friend

Weekly Photos: Let it snow, let it snow, oh my gosh two snow storms in 4 days – wow! Redding is actually having a winter. We haven’t seen this much snow and freezing temps in years. Usually, winter is over by now. Check out the fun photos of our winter wonderland. (It only lasted for 48 hours.)

NOTE 1: Have you read any of Seth Godin’s books? I just finished a review of All Marketers Are Liars. He has such an interesting point of view, very much aligned with my philosophy on marketing.

NOTE 2: I would be incredibly grateful if you felt so moved to share it with a friend or colleague. Thank you and virtual hugs in advance!
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