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Cures for the horror of the blank page

I was doing some research for a book publishing client. One of the projects we’re working on is creating a brand new lead generator, and I’m writing the email follow-up sequence.

In my research, I came across this quote from Ernest Hemingway: “Writing at its best can be a lonely life.”(As an aside, I’d highly recommend his memoir – A Movable Feast.)

When you’re writing or doing anything creative – you’re spending a lot of time alone with your words and ideas. It can cause some anxiousness, overwhelm, and even writer’s (or creativity) block.

It’s real – the anxiety of staring at a blank (or canvas, social media post, and more) for fear that you are blocked and no ideas will come.

What I’ve found working with my clients is when that happens, it’s best to step away from your computer or electronic device.

If you’ve ever read and gone through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, you know that taking yourself out on an “Artist’s Date” is always a terrific idea to break up the monotony and get your creative juices flowing.

Some other ideas:

  • Go on a walk-in nature.
  • Spent time reading a favorite book
  • Listen to an inspiring podcast on your favorite subject
  • Watch a movie or show you like
  • Socialize with a friend or friends
  • Spend some time with your favorite hobby
  • What’s counterintuitive is the more time you spend doing the above, the more productive you will be
  • when you eventually return to your writing or creative activity.

Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and other inventors would take lots of naps and do things outside of their inventions, fueling the creative side and allowing them to be more productive. (And create some amazing inventions!)

Take a cue from the great inventors and give yourself a break. 🙂

When you do, you will be more energized and fueled to tackle what’s on your plate.

I love to take hikes in nature. Being outside in a new environment with lots of trees and green always inspires me. And when I have that idea while walking, I use my Evernote app on my phone to write it down, so I don’t forget it.

Here’s a pic below from my latest walk to the Sundial bridge.

This is one of my favorite walks called the Sacramento River Trail.

Hope this inspires you.

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