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Need a boost of productivity? I gotchu :-)

This might be the dreaded post here, calling you out on your productivity…

Oh wait, that doesn’t sound good… apologies…

Let’s reframe that – I want to inspire you with some ways you can boost your productivity. 🙂

How productive are you?

Do you feel like you’re not getting enough done in your business?

Could you use a boost?

Or do you feel like you got it covered?

It’s now November, and the holidays that are literally banging down your door won’t distract you from finishing up those last few projects, right? 🙂

Well, if you’re anything like me and have Cheryl’s holiday cut-out cookies, blueberry scones, best Thanksgiving stuffing muffins, and how in the world am I gonna get all my holiday shopping done along with my work… you’re in EXCELLENT company…

I’m far from perfect, yet I feel like I get way more done than I did when I started my business. Such as sending out this weekly email consistently for three years – who knew I could be this consistent?!

That’s why I wanted to share more productivity tips with you. When I share the ones below with clients and colleagues, I get so many kudos I thought I better share them with you too!

Here’s what I got — Cool ideas (you might not have thought of) to help you get focused and boost your productivity:

1. iPhone users – Did you know that can stop spam calls from intruding on your productivity time? Simply go to your “Settings.” Choose “Phone.” Scroll down to “Silence Unknown Callers.” Switch to “on.” Anyone that’s NOT in your contacts will now go straight to voice mail. I toggle this off when I know I’m getting a call from someone not in my contacts that I don’t want to save, like a painter, lawn person, or another small project worker.

2. Turn Off Nonessential Phone App Notifications – If you’re somewhat addicted to the news and want to know the latest, this might be a bit hard to do. Yet, you can always turn this back on when you’re done with a project. Go through your apps and turn off all nonessential notifications.

I don’t think I’d get ANYTHING done if my phone sent me notifications all day. If you want to be hardcore like me – the only notification I have is texting and What’s App for my international clients. (That’s how I get my weekly email done, my social posts, my weekly book reviews completed, and my work with my clients. 🙂

3. Let Go of Living on Email – I know, I know, it’s tough when you’re waiting for someone to get back to you. Yet, it truly is a huge distraction and a time suck. Almost as bad as scrolling on social media. Don’t get me started with that. And yes, I’m guilty of that too! You’re not alone. 🙂 Try to get in the habit of only checking your email twice a day. Schedule the time to do it, and don’t check it all day long because it will be too tempting not to get “sucked in.”

4. Use a Time app such as Timeular to Track WHERE Your Time Goes. I love this app and have written about it before in my 5 – Must-Have Tools For Successful Entrepreneurs. It helps me track my time to see where most of it goes by using this cool physical time tracker that I keep on my desk.

5. Hire an assistant, project manager, web person, social media expert, marketing expert, and more. Multiply your time by outsourcing which I talked more about a few weeks ago. I can’t stress this enough.

And I will give a shameless plug. I’m here if you need me.

If you have questions or want to speak with me about it before then, please reach out. Or if you

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And I will help you accelerate your business using my proven Soulful Marketing Strategies and techniques where you can finally market your business your way and create some amazing successes for you. 🙂

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In Other News:

Before I sign off, I had to share this fascinating article that was in The Hustle newsletter 
about this order of nuns who used direct mail marketing to sell their communion wafers. Sadly after being in business since 1956, making communion wafers, they’re shutting down the business. It’s a terrific read.

Weekly Life in Northern, CA Photos:

Beautiful early morning sunrises and More Emma, the velcro dog who loves to snuggle and look for snacks and sleep on the kitchen counter!

(I took the second picture of her on the chair when I was outside on the deck and looked in on her – she’s so funny.)
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