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It’s about the little things…

When I recently presented to a group of 17 people about how to create your intention and vision for the New Year, I got some feedback that totally blew me away.

Not because it was about me or my teaching. 🙂

Their comments about this exercise blew me away because I thought everyone knew these types of concepts.

In my presentation, I mainly wanted to get everyone connecting together and answer some questions as a type of assessment for this year.

I learned this exercise from my amazing coaches – Debbie Phillips and Rob Berkley, and I have done this process for 12 years. It’s called The Great Start Program.

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions because they don’t last, and they’re usually created out of lack, not from an abundance mindset.

The thinking behind creating a vision and intention for the New Year is that it’s most impactful when you review the current one and notice core things so you can say goodbye to it. And get ready for the upcoming year.

Some examples of review questions for the year:

1. Who came into your life?
2. Who left it?
3. What was remarkable about this year?
4. What happened this year that you are most proud of?
5. What was your favorite moment?
6. When I’d ask the group one of the questions, I always started with an example from my life to help them get started.

When I answered, “What was my most favorite moment?” I had said after Alice and I bought and sold our home.

When we finally got all moved into our new home in Feb of this year – the first morning in the house, we went out in our PJs, wrapped ourselves up in our warm blankets with our coffee, and sat outside on our new deck and watched the sunrise.

That was THE most favorite moment for me in 2022. I can still feel those feelings of gratitude and accomplishment too.

We both survived the buying, selling, and the move with our relationship intact and even better than before…

What took me aback about this experience was that folks on the call thought a favorite moment meant it had to be huge or tangible such as a promotion, getting a new car, or home, etc.

They didn’t realize it could be a moment in time that brought them absolute joy, like the one I shared.

For them, it was more about how they could start tuning into their awareness and presence in the moment. Paying more attention to these types of moments and not letting them slip by.

Life, in my experience, is definitely “about the little things.” And how important it is to stay present in the moment and feel those feelings of love, joy, and gratitude.

We have so many amazing sunrises here in our new home, each one is such a wonder, and every day, I feel more grateful than the next.

What is it in your daily life that gives you that joy and gratitude?

Then realize, yes, the holidays are definitely about giving and receiving presents. Yet, what if we also focused on “PRESENCE” too.

How would these holidays be if you simply gave yourself the gift of focus and presence in the moment and noticed how you felt, and sat with it for a few seconds or more…

That’s what I wish for you this holiday.

Noticing the “the little things,” those precious moments when you catch your partner or loved ones smiling from across the room or the table. You know, the one where you can feel their love through their smile…

I hope you truly have a wonderful holiday.

In the spirit of giving, I’d love to give you something that will help you create more flexibility and income in your business for 2023 – A Guide to Creating Information Products. I put this together back in 2019 for a presentation that I did about creating your own products.

Truly when you can turn your information into a product, it will help you create more wealth and give you more freedom.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Here’s to lots of laughs, amazing food, company, pies, cookies, donuts, and some amazing moments you will relish for years to come.

And some fun preholiday pics – Emma’s looking like a Christmas tree, Christmas puzzling done, and of course, a photo of a heart that was carved out in the dirt on my hiking path! Then there’s some more snow in the mountains.
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